Practice Squad, Players going elsewhere: How about the 53-Man Team, specifically the offense

Concerns abound about who made the team, who will be placed on the practice squad, potential free agents and  players being picked up by others teams but all that really matters is who is on the active 53 man roster and is the 2009 offensive team better?

The 2009 Redskins will have a solid defense, it could be a great defense, the offense will determine where this team will go, the team has a slightly different makeup than last year and should see improvement alone with the continuity of the coaching staff and consistency of the offensive and defensive plan but did the active Roster get better, specifically the Offense? 

An 8-8 team should show improvement in all areas, which does not always require a change in players...

QB:  (improved) The Redskins have chosen to keep just 2 QBs going into the season, Jason Campbell and Todd Collins:  No changes, no upgrades after a long off season.  Todd Collins is rated as one of the top backups in the league and while Jason Campbell has shown leadership skils in the preseason it will not be known if he has become a leader of this team until about the 10th or 11th game of the season.  The use of the same offensive system as last year, makes this a slightly improved area, not because of the players but because of the understanding in the system.

Offensive Line:  (no change) The only change on the weak offensive line is the addition of Dockery at left Guard.  The team did part with long time Right tackle Jansen, which shows signs the team will move players when their performance slips which is a good sign but keeping a full 1st and 2nd team offensive line on the active roster ,shows the teams concern with the starters and this again could be the achilles heal to kill the season

RB: (improved) No significant changes in the starting group, but the addition of Marcus Mason provides solid depth at this postion but depth does not provide for improvement only potential.  Portis is one of the top running backs in the league but does he have another year, Betts has had one good year will an increased role bring back the Betts who rushed for 1,000 yards several years ago or not.  As solid as the depth is and with the offensive line this is one of the biggest area of concerns but Mason does provide a spark for a slight improvement in the group.

WR/TE: (improved) The players have not changed, the system remains the same and it's time for the second round draft players to become major contributors or the team will falter.  A surprise addition in Marko makes this group the overall most improved if, and yes it is a big if, everyone plays to the potential

3 of 4 areas show improvement, the one area which is the heart and soul of the offense has little to no change and will determine how the offense performs this year.  If everyone stays healthy, if the unit becomes a remarkable team and if the play calling allows the line to perform to their strengths the Redskins will improve on the 8-8 record, if not the prognosticators tale of a 6-10 or worse team will come true

Week 1 is a good test; The NY giants have a solid defensive line.  If the offensive line is able to control the line of scrimmage then the Redskins will win but if injuries occur or the line chemistry breaks down it will be a long game and fortell of a long season for Redskin fans in 2009. 

Watch the line play to see how the 2009 Redskins will perform on offense and to determine if the 2009 Washington Redskins Offense has improved enough in all areas for the team to make a playoff run...

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