No excuses

This was easily the most painful on-field loss I've ever experienced as a Redskins fan. We got absolutely torn apart on defense and our offense, once again, was maligned by dreadful play-calling. Look, the reality about the playcalling is obvious.  The entire game we called one running play to the right. We threw across the middle of the field during our entire 2-minute drill, called a HOOK AND LADDER down the MIDDLE on the last play that was lucky to get the first down (when we had no timeouts), and we choked it in the red zone AGAIN with more predictable run plays.

When we were 3-13 in Norv Turner's tenure, it was painful. When Steve Spurrier coached us to sub-mediocrity, we wondered about our management and felt bad. When Joe Gibbs, bless his heart, called back-to-back timeouts against the Bills the week after our dearly beloved #21 was taken from us, that broke our hearts.

But today, for the first time, being a Redskins fan is embarrassing. We are a punchline now after losing to the American sports' biggest punchline.

There is simply no other alternative to changing the way things are going. I'm sorry. When you have Hall of Fame coaches on the market and we can't string together solid drives (or score) until the game is out of reach, a change has to be made. I don't care that it's week 3. I don't care that we are only 1-2, which is not the end of the season by any means.

We don't have to fire Zorn today, but I don't think any of us would be upset if we did. But there is no chance that Zorn is here at the end of the season. What do you think?

As a side note, Campbell had 340, 2 TD's. Despite his fumble and a few bad decisions, I think he played a pretty solid game. He was arguably our best player today, in fact. In spite of woeful Zorn's calls.

What do you guys say? I don't know what to think anymore. This team is just in shambles, from an organizational standpoint (suing season ticket holders? Robert Henson?) to, obviously, the product they put on the field.

Having this talented of a roster and being a laughingstock is unacceptable.

What say you, fellow angry fans?

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