Can the Lions Beat the Redskins With Jon Jansen's O-Line Insight?

"Ooo. I got one. What's 141 years old, costs $50 million dollars, and gets pushed over by the wind? ... The Redskins O-line!! hahaha"

Teams picking up players to get an edge on opponent's strategy is nothing new.  This week, the Redskins face a similar challenge in that disgruntled former Redskin, Jon Jansen, signed with the Lions this off-season. If anyone knows our offensive line the best, besides Bugel, it's Jon Jansen (and I'm including Zorn in this equation). Jansen has been an anchor with the Redskins for 10 years and battled through all the highs and lows. We're not fooling anyone that the offensive line is a patch job held together with duct tape and Elmer's glue, and Jansen knows it.

The reason the Redskins have destroyed the Lions so consistently is due to an effective running game. Let's take a quick look at the Skins versus Lions recent history:

QB JASON CAMPBELL is 2-0 vs. Det. with 126.3 passer rating.  Has posted 2 highest rated games of career vs. Lions (127.4, 125.3) & aims for 3rd in row vs. Det. with 125+ rating.  Team is 6-1 (.857) when he has 97+ rating.  Has 1.2 INT pct. (7 INTs, 567 att.) since 2008, lowest in NFL... 

RB CLINTON PORTIS has rushed for 345 yards (115 per game) in 3 career meetings.  When Portis rushes for 100+ yards, his teams are 33-10 (.767).  Averages 110.5 scrimmage yards per game & is 1 of only 5 players in NFL history to average 110+ per game.  

FB MIKE SELLERS had career-high 2 TDs (1 rush, 1 rec.) vs. Det. (10/7/07)

WR SANTANA MOSS averages 15.1 yards per catch since entering NFL in 2001, highest among active WRs (min. 425 receptions).  In last meeting, had 50-yard rec. TD & 80-yard PR-TD.  Finished with 9 catches for 140 yards.    

So, here are some things I expect Jon Jansen to say to his Detroit coaches:

"On running downs, stack the left side of the line and just put a corner back on Heyer. Stephon couldn't run over a school boy...even if he was running down hill."

"Passing plays...99% chance it's a screen or a dink-and-dunk to Cooley. Cover these guys and let them make the mistake."

"Campbell is not allowed to audible so trust what we've watched on tape this week."

Any other good ones you can think of?

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