Shot glass half full...

OK, so I meander downstairs this morning, and I find last night's mess. Beer bottles all over, empty chip bags strewn about, pizza crust all over the place. Well, right before I call my wife down to clean it all up, something catches my eye. It's my Redskins shot glass, with a half a shot of Jameson's still left in it. So I think to myself, "what a waste." Then it hits, me - it doesn't HAVE to be a waste. So I down it. Now this moment of clarity gets me thinking - maybe the Skins don't have to be a waste either. Here's why...

OK, so a few things we found out last night. 


1) - We're going undefeated. I know this is cliche, but it's still the truth. You are gonna lose some games. It's just tougher when you lose the 1st one. But that's no reason to condemn the team for the year. What's the point of that? These are the guys (and coaches) we have now, so if we're gonna win, this is who we're gonna do it with.

2) - the Giants are better than us. Realistically, I think the rational ones of us already knew this. So it shouldn't be a surprise. Now, that being said, how much WORSE could we have played?

Our secondary, which was a strength last year, was atrocious. There still wasn't enough pressure, and when there was pressure, there wasn't enough Eli hitting. (it's also evident that Orakpo is not gonna come around for awhile at SLB. He looked totally lost in coverage, and I didn't see him in Eli's face at all)

On offense, Campbell still looks too mechanical. But even worse was the playcalling. I understand the 50-gut mentality, but that only works if you're getting 4-5 yards a pop every time. If they stop it, you need to run a different way. Portis' left shoulder is probably bruised as hell today, while his right one is fine. They obviously STILL have no faith in Heyer's run blocking. We may be the first team to shuttle our right tackles - Heyer for pass plays, Williams for run plays. And why they STILL refuse to make Kelly, Davis, Thomas, or Mitchell part of the gameplan just baffles me.


OK, now that I've vented that, here's my point - we can only get better. Even the Giants know that you need to play better in December than you do in September. Sure, you need all the wins you can get. But, after playing that bad, we STILL only lost by 6 points, on the road in front of a hostile crowd. If Campbell steps up a little more, or Samuels holds Osi off for 1 more second, we could be looking at something totally different, even after getting outplayed.

So, no, we didn't draw the long straws like Dallas and Philly. We had to play the best team in the division coming out of the gate, while they got patsies. Well, now it's out turn with the patsies. I don't wanna hear the doom and gloom after one game against a damned good team. Let's get warmed up before the worry warts start popping up.

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