CBS Sports profiles Redskins Camp


Actually, it's not so much a camp profile as it is a Clark Judge article supporting Jason Campbell. But nonetheless, CBS is profiling all the camps, and today was the Redskins' turn.

Some excerpts:

Well, look around, people, and guess who's throwing darts to Santana Moss in training camp. Jason Campbell hasn't gone away, and now that he has the floor he has a chance to make a statement of his own.


I, for one, hope he does, and here's why: Because he did what Jay Cutler could not, which is to suck it up and return to a club that, at one time, looked as if it didn't want him. Moreover, he vowed to deliver, proving to his critics that they're wrong and that Washington can, in fact, win with him.

I hope so because Jason Campbell is what a quarterback is supposed to be, a leader. He is tough, resilient and persistent. OK, so his record (16-20) is worse than Cutler's. He has a chance to change that, and the Redskins will give him that opportunity.

I don't care how reluctant they might be or that they offered two first-round draft picks for Cutler. Campbell is their guy, like it or not, and he can change a lot of perceptions about himself as a player and a person, and he can do it now.


He simply promised to prove he's their man, and if I'm in a huddle that's what I want from my quarterback: someone who fights back, not curls up in a corner or runs away to Chicago.

"You want guys who are strong-willed, not guys who give up easily or who when toughness comes their way, they run or flee. You want to be someone who, through adversity, is the same kind of person. You have to keep your eyes directly ahead of you and not get sidetracked."

"There are going to be times," said Campbell, "when you're in a game, and it gets tough. Are you going to be someone who gives up just because toughness hits you in the head? Or are you going to be willing to fight? You can be down 21-0, but you have to keep the same fight to come back.


"Do you expect him to be here next year?" I asked Moss.

"I do," he said. "I feel like, with our help, with the season he's going to have this year they can't say no to him."

Maybe, then, that question is better directed at those making the big decisions. So I approached Cerrato.

"I wouldn't be surprised [if he's back]," he said. "But I would be surprised if he didn't have a great season."

In addition to the article there are a couple of great videos.  [Image via]

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