Should the Redskins be Looking at Former Chiefs CB Patrick Surtain


Good morning Redskins fans.  I'm coming here from Arrowhead Pride to give you the lowdown on former Kansas City Chiefs CB Patrick Surtain.  There's been some talk, or Tweets, that Washington should be taking a look at Surtain to provide some depth at the corner position.  

What we do know is that, as the Washington Post reported, the Redskins have not contacted Surtain.  There's also a rumor floating around that the Denver Broncos are interested in his services. 

quick search on Arrowhead Pride shows we've talked about Surtain.  A lot.  He was the topic of many conversations over the past year.  However, it usually wasn't a good thing.  42 days after Scott Pioli was hired as the Chiefs new GM, Surtain and a number of other over-the-hill veterans were given the boot.  

The move can be viewed one of two ways.  A) Surtain was a salary cap casualty as he was due $7 million in 2009 and this netted us $6.184 million in cap space (like we need it) or B) he's a 33 year old corner who couldn't win his job back from rookie and 5th round draft pick Brandon Carr.  My take?  A combination of both.  There's no doubt Surtain has lost a step but then again his salary was set to be one of the highest on the team.

What can he do for the Redskins?

After the jump we detail his tenure with the Chiefs and his current status >>>

At this point, he's solely a role player.  His starting days are behind him and signing him should certainly be considered a risk.  He appeared in eight games last season and only started two.  He also appeared on the injury list 11 times.  Things like injury don't usually get better with age particularly when you're in a position predicated on speed.  

I talked with your fearless leader, Kevin, a little bit about the 'Skins corner situation.  Two starters locked up, a capable veteran and a third round pick behind them.  If you want my opinion, Surtain should only be in Washington if you're worried about injuries to your current crop.

Then again, he can provide another important component of the offseason preparation.  I'll quote our former soundbyte machine head coach, Herm Edwards: "Competition.  It's a good thing."  The more competition you can create, the better.  Creating competition at every position is the hallmark of a Bill Parcells/Bill Belichick regime.  In that aspect, Surtain would be worth signing as training camp fodder.

Surtain's tenure with the Chiefs

When the Chiefs signed him in 2005, we were one year removed from a 13 win season and in the middle of one of the best three year stretches of offensive production in NFL history.  Surtain was viewed as a savior to one of the worst defenses in the league.  Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star famously claimed Law's arrival would result in a Super Bowl appearance for the Chiefs (He also said the Chiefs should Jeff George....about two weeks ago).

His first season with the Chiefs was more in line with his career average, snagging four picks and batting down 12 passes.  After that, the decline started.  If he started his dip in statistical rankings three years ago, don't get your hopes up that this will change in '09.  It probably won't.

To recap: He's older, battled injuries last season, has lost a step in a position that requires an extra step and couldn't win his job back from a 5th round rookie.

Here's a few places on AP where we've talked about Surtain:

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