Redskins Fans vs Romo Fans at Tiger Woods' Golf Tournament Today

JC teeing off with ARE and Mike Weir. Image via

At this moment, Tiger Woods and Tony Romo are playing at Congressional Country Club in the Pro-Am for Tiger's tournament this weekend. And in the 4-some directly behind him is Jason Campbell, Mike Weir, Antwan Randle El, and Bruce Boudreau.

Twitter world has been hilarious today between Matt Terl and Dan Steinberg's fantastic coverage. I will keep updating this post as tweets come in.


@barrysvrlugaSomeone wrote the following in Romo's yardage book: "Go Redskins!"

@dcsportsbogRomo on his match w Tiger at the turn: "He gave me two (strokes). They're used up."

@chaztopher There's no Redskins gear at Congressional b/c only #Cowboys fans are low-class enough to wear jerseys to a golf tournament.

@dcsportsbogTrue story: Just found a random golf ball iin some rough. Romo must have fumbled it.

@redskinsblogRandle El in "unreal" rough. Looks like length of my backyard.

@dcsportsbog: Fan: "Can you sign my hat? Romo: "Not right now." Fan: "Jason Campbell signed it."

@redskinsblogShaun Suisham: "Walking along with Mike Weir on Canada Day - could it get any better for a guy like me?"

@hogshaven@redskinsblog is it true Romo is not getting booed at all & there are lots of Romo jerseys?

@redskinsblog@hogshaven Lots of Romo jerseys. Haven't heard booing. JC getting love from fans, though.

@LiveFromOldBlueGood par save from tiger. Near birdie from romo. If you forget his skilled bunker shot at 2, tiger is 5-under and looking pretty sharp

@redskinsblogWell there's at least one Campbell jersey. And a Portis as well. Closing the gap!

@dcsportsbogThank you, man in Sean Taylor jersey and man in "Dallas Sucks" t-shirt, who have joined the Romo gallery.

@LiveFromOldBlueDon't understand. The crowds just cheered romo louder than tiger after his tee shot off the 5th. This is DC, right?

@redskinsblogRedskins really interacting with fans, partially by hitting shots outside of the ropes.

@LiveFromOldBlueTiger tried to hit a knock-down iron into the green. Left it short. Still parred. Romo missed a 7footer for par

@LiveFromOldBlueTiger finished with a respectable par after two perfect shots and a good lag putt. Water boarders the left side of 6 green. Par is really gd

@dcsportsbogNow here's a dad in a Terry Allen jersey and daughter wearing Romo. She wants Jessica's autograph.

@LiveFromOldBluePlay is backed up at the par 3 7th. Lots of autograph seekers. Tiger isn't signing now. I asked if they wanted mine instead. They declined

@hogshaven@LiveFromOldBlue I think Romo is afraid of dropping the pen

@LiveFromOldBlueRomo might have put it inside of tiger's. The crowd went crazy. Before romo hit, the starter asked for a "warm Washington redskins welcome."

@dcsportsbogStarter on 7th tee: "let's give him a warm washington redskins welcome!" fans: "Boooooooooo!" Finally.

@dcsportsbogFan in Monk hat to Romo on tee: "Hit it like its december!"

@redskinsblogSpeculation that a circling helicopter contains Jessica Simpson. "Push her off," says kid in Portis jersey.

(more tweets after the jump)...

@dcsportsbogPink Cowboys hat. Perfect

@redskinsblog - Nice boxer brief lines Romo...

@mallen405 just watched tony romo playing golf with tiger woods at the at&t pro am. romo was a dick

@bigblueview Tony Romo attends a New York Yankee game. Sacrilege!

@mikachu02@redskinsblog Romo needs to be somewhere throwing to his WR's than with Tiger lol he needs to make sure he doesn't visit chokeville n Dec

@LiveFromOldBlueCrowd trying to get romo to go for the green on a long third shot. After some taunts, romo declared "Ok we'll go for it." Didnt work out

@PGATOUR: Finally Romo just got booed some when he was introduced at the ceremony. Lot of cheers of course for Redskins qb Jason Campbell

@redskinsblogMixed cheers and boos for Romo, cheers for Campbell, slightly muted cheers for Simpson.

@sarahbeth41jessica simpson just sang the national anthem at the at&t national golf (tourney?). awful. posed with romo & tiger. what a hooch.

 @barrysvrluga: Largest cheer at AT&T opening ceremony: Not Romo, not Boudreau, not Randle El, but Jason Campbell, No. 17 in prgrm, No. 1 in heart.

@Truth_About_ItRT @maxwasserman: Wendi Nix just reported on ESPN that Romo received a warm welcome at Cong. I was there and he got booed loudly. Nix lies!

@dcsportsbogPhotos of Tiger with Jessica Simpson and Tiger with the Redskins.

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