Washington Redskins By the Numbers: #20 - Tiger Woods, Chad Johnson, Lindsay Lohan

Answer: Tiger Woods, Chad Johnson, and Lindsay Lohan

Question: Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen? (long live Cliffie)

It has been a while since the Skins had a truly great player wear #20. Alvoid Mays, Justin Tryon, Skip Hicks...we'll let history judge each of these men. One man who has already been judge by history and his peers is our choice for #20:

Cliff Battles


via footballcollectible.com

He was a running back for the team back when they were the Boston Braves, and had an incredible (albeit short-lived) run. In 1932, Battles captured the rushing title as a rookie. During his second year, he dropped 215 yards rushing on the Giants, becoming the first player to go over 200 yards in a game. The dude was a beast. When the team finally got to D.C., and Sammy Baugh was added to the lineup, the two became an unstoppable duo. In 1937, they owned the league, winning the first NFL title for the franchise.

Battles was a six-time All-Pro selection (1932-1937), a member of the NFL's All-decade team of the 30's, and of course was included on the 70 Greatest Redskins list. He was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1968.

An old-school player out of the far away past, but the story has a very modern ending. He wanted more money out of the Redskins' owner, George Preston Marshall. When the owner refused to go any higher on his offer, Battles hung up his cleats and went on with his life.


Cliff Battles


I found myself talking to a Ravens fan last week and despite the usual lack of any reason or logic in his arguments, I was yet again amazed at the lovefest that town has with its owner, Steve Bisciotti. And it got me wondering...

Think about how much you WANT to love the owner of our team, just in general. I am not saying Snyder is a douchebag because I don't know the guy and there could very well be a dude in there somewhere that is lovable. But we simply can't ignore what amounts to the "perceived douchebaggery" in his Reign of Zero Championships, right?

It seems in recent years--most notably the Second Coming of Joe Gibbs era--Snyder has figured some things out. In addition to at least appearing to take a more back seat approach to the management of the team, he has quietly engaged in massive charitable efforts over the years. My question to you out there:

When do we love our owner like Baltimore loves theirs? Is it as simple as winning a championship? Is it tied to the level of patience he has with Zorn, and the extent of the success Zorn enjoys? Will it ever happen? I am not suggesting he gets Ted Leonsis-love, or even Abe Pollin-love (a lesser love to be sure, but not the creepy old-man love that Kevin envisions when he reads this.) But certainly Snyder is crawling out of the Peter Angelos category right? I would love to hear you guys ring in on this one.

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