The Redskins According to Madden.


Pasta Padre has posted the Madden NFL 10 Player Ratings. This next installments has much more variance in the ratings system, making a more noticeable difference between elites and the not-so-elite ("Romos"). I like this idea, as it should pronounce the strengths and weaknesses of a team, making the actual matchup as important as the team you pick. It's also why you'll see guys like Colt Brennan with an overall of 49 (and the "he should be atleast a 70" posts below). I'm not sure what Pasta Padre's credentials are, and I haven't seen this on EA's site yet, but here's how the Redskins are said to be:


Position Name OVR SPD ACC
QB J. Campbell 77 70 69
QB T. Collins 64
QB C. Brennan 49
HB C. Portis 93 91 95
HB L. Betts 72 79 83
HB R. Cartwright 68 82 88
FB M. Sellers 89
FB E. Williams 52
WR S. Moss 86 96 98
WR A. Randle-El 75 90 93
WR D. Thomas 66 88 89
WR M. Hagans 65 85 89
WR M. Kelly 63 83 84
WR J. Thrash 63 83 84
TE C. Cooley 91 79 84
TE T. Yoder 66 60 66
TE F. Davis 63 76 75
OL C. Samuels 93
OL R. Thomas 89
OL J. Jansen 83
OL C. Rabach 77
OL D. Dockery 78
OL W. Montgomery 68
OL C. Rinehart 67
OL S. Heyer 67
OL E. Albright 65
DL A. Haynesworth 99
DL C. Griffin 84
DL A. Carter 84
DL P. Daniels 73
DL K. Golston 69
DL R. Wynn 68
DL A. Montgomery 66
DL R. Jackson 61
DL C. Wilson 58
DL L. Alexander 57
LB L. Fletcher 89 76 85
LB R. McIntosh 77 82 88
LB B. Orakpo 76 83 89
LB R. Thomas 60 76 85
LB A. Fincher 60 68 78
LB HB Blades 58 67 79
LB C. Glenn 46
CB C. Rogers 87 89 93
CB D. Hall 79 97 96
CB F. Smoot 69 88 90
CB K. Barnes 68 90 87
CB J. Tyron 54 88 90
S L. Landry 86 91 96
S C. Horton 70 84 86
S K. Moore 65 88 89
S R. Doughty 63 77 83
K S. Suisham 52
P H. Smith 81



Looks like Cody Glenn bottoms out the team as of now with a 46 overall, but some of our new additions are missing. I hope this puts him in good spot to win the Most Improved Player Award at the end of the season (handed out by me), as EA has promised regular player rating updates based on current performances.

And it looks like Madden thinks Kevin Barnes is competing with Fred Smoot for third on the depth chart. Sorry JT, I don't think the game developers were watching you at OTAs.

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