Washington Redskins By the Numbers: #5

This is our first chance to make a move away from kickers. And I am going to take it. For the record, Jeff Hayes is a name I will never forget. His fake punt against the Chargers on MNF was great. He played in 2 Super Bowls. He played on a couple of the all-time greatest Redskins teams and that connection causes him to stand out in my mind.

#5 Colt Brennan

via monkeyinmymind.com

I know, I know, I know...he's a 3rd string quarterback that has been in the league for barely more than a year. But this is more than just shameless sucking up to a current player. Did Jeff Hayes or Brett Conway ever cause fans to be glued to their TV's--in the preseason? Colt turned garbage time last pre-season into must-watch television.

Let's all be responsible and not turn this into a forum for calling for Colt to start. He is not ready for it and he is not better than Jason Campbell right now. But when the preseason rolls around, we will all be tuning in to watch Colt Brennan. That's a fact.

He was one of the all-time greatest college quarterbacks, and he did it in Hawaii, which is kind of automatically cool. He has swagger, and he has a ton of personality. To me, what I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy most about Colt's time here is the dynamic between him and Jim Zorn. Is it just me or does the gunslinger in Zorn really seem to show up in the corners of his eyes and lips when he is asked to talk about Colt? Like he is suppressing a gut instinct to lavish praise on the youngster because he reminds Zorn of himself. Then, instead he catches himself and talks about the plays being left on the field. I could be wrong, but the kid has something, and the masses have tuned into it. He has a cult-like following.

God forbid the Jason Campbell era was to come to an untimely end via injury this season. You get the impression this town would happily ride the exploits of Colt Brennan week in and week out, taking the good with the bad, breathlessly anticipating the reincarnation of a Brett Favre-type of leader under center.

Either way, I will definitely be going to the current roster to fill out this list. I expect spirited debate on these issues.

Who else do we want to throw in the #5 slot? The #6 post is going to be depressing. What say you?

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