Washington Redskins By the Numbers: #4

When we started this (3 numbers ago), I didn't have a true appreciation of the slog it would become through the early single digits. Place kickers and punters...oh my. They score a lot of points, and without them...well, we know what happens without them since we have gone without reliable kicking for stretches at a time in the last decade.

The good news is we continue to insist on not necessarily providing you with the greatest Redskin to ever wear the number, rather, the one with the best story we can think to recount. You're in for a treat today.

#4 Derrick Frost


Definitely not the greatest to wear number 4 in this town. (I wish I could pick Antawn Jamison.) Add to that the testy departure this past season and you have a guy that will fade away in all of our minds quickly. But his wife was hot. Really hot. And she was sitting in our section at Fedex one game 2 years ago...alone, all by herself, with nobody within 3 seats on either side. Very strange.

Enter Kevin. That day he had decided to wear his sleeveless red tee-shirt that had written across the chest, "These Guns Have No Safeties", with pistols pointing to his arms. When you see him in person, the hilarity really kicks in.

Well, Kevin could not let a girl like that just sit there by herself for a whole game. We were trying to figure out what was going on. I mean, a statuesque blonde dressed to kill sitting alone at a Redskins game is about as common an occurrence as Steve Spurrier leaving enough blockers to properly pass protect. And she was really cheering hard...at weird times...like when the punter was on the field. So Kevin wanders over and sits down next to her. Let's all use our imaginations for a moment. A really hot blonde sees a guy who's had a few beverages, rocking the sleeveless tee take the seat next to her. In your mind, do you see her reaching for her pepper spray? Thankfully she was polite enough not to scream for help, but she was clearly at least a little bit frightened. Sure enough, it turned out to be Frosty's wife.

He gets the nod today on account of his hot wife, and his uncanny ability to always beat out any contenders for his job during practice. The guy was a Hall of Fame punter apparently from Tuesday-Saturday. As for Kevin, hitting on the punter's wife made him a hero in our section, despite the restraining order that prohibits him from getting any closer than 3 sections to any special teamer's girl.


Derrick Frost

Give us your favorite #4's, and thow some #5's our way.

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