Is Peter King Smoking Crack ?!?




  If you happened to catch Sugar's Daily Slop post today, you might have noticed a link to Peter King's MMQB current NFL rankings. Ranking NFL teams at this time of year is like predicting what stocks will be the top performers in 6 months. It's highly speculative and error-prone.  But, this is how Peter King has all 32 teams ranked:


 1.     New England Patriots                               2.     Pittsburgh Steelers                                  

 3.     New York Giants                                        4.     Chicago Bears                                        

 5.     Indianapolis Colts                                     6.     Philadelphia Eagles                                

 7.     San Diego Chargers                                 8.     Baltimore Ravens

 9.     Dallas Cowboys                                     10.    Tennessee Titans                                   

11.   Atlanta Falcons                                         12.    Arizona Cardinals                                    

13.   Houston Texans                                       14.    Green Bay Packers                 

15.   Minnesota Vikings                                 16.    New York Jets         

17.   Miami Dolphins                                       18.    Carolina Panthers

19.   Seattle Seahawks                                  20.    Denver Broncos

21.   Jacksonville Jaguars                            22.    Buffalo Bills

23.   Washington Redskins                            24.    New Orleans Saints

25.   San Francisco 49ers                               26.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

27.   Oakland Raiders                                     28.    Cincinnati Bengals

29.   Kansas Chiefs                                          30.    St. Louis Rams

31.   Detroit Lions                                             32.    Cleveland Browns                   




IMO, the teams that I have highlighted in bold should probably not be be ranked ahead of us. This is why...

4) The Bears had no business being ranked #4. That was the first indication PK was probably throwing darts when he picked this list. Chicago got a huge upgrade at QB. However, they really don't have a big-time #1 receiver and their defense is getting old.

9) The Cowboys have no business being in the top 15 (much less here at 9) but PK loves him some 'Jerrah' Jones. Terrell Owens was certainly a huge distraction last year. But, he also put that team on his back sometimes and bailed Romo out for over 1000 yards and 10 TDs last year. Don't expect that kind of production out of Roy Williams, who struggled to even run a good route. Their running game is great, their lines are big and strong, but their WRs and secondary are sketchy at best.  

14) Aaron Rodgers showed flashes of brilliance last year for the Packers. The problem is how injury prone he and his glass shoulder is. Their defense killed them last year and they will be transitioning to a 3-4 this year.

15) The Vikes are very stout on their lines and have an incredible running game. But there is a big question mark hanging over Tavaris Jackson and their WR corps. Their secondary is average.

16) The Jets have Kellen Clemons and a rookie passer on their hands which means there is a big unknown at QB. Cotchery disappeared last year and they lost Coles to the Bungles.

17) Miami has, arguably, the toughest schedule this year. And opposing teams will be better prepared to stop the "the Wildcat" offense.

19) The 'Hawks could, potentially, turn their season around with the additions of Housh and Curry (among others). It all hinges on Matt Hasselbeck. Last year, Hasselbeck was limited all year by neck and back problems. Will those problems resurface after taking a few big hits? If not, they may be a force again.

20) The Broncos are restructured and rebuilding with a rookie head coach (who already ran off their Pro Bowl QB),a brand new offensive system, and are trying out the 3-4 defense for the first time also.

21) Jacksonville has an average QB with no receivers. I think they will have a hard time turning things around.

22) I expect T.O. to drop twice as many balls in Buffalo's cold weather. How long before he blows their locker room up? Plus, they let the whole left side of their offensive line go this offseason.


Anything can happen between now and opening day. But at this moment, I have the Redskins ranked at 15 (+/- 1).

What do you guys think?


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