What exactly are they thinking? Redskins Front office:Another QB!

QB is an area of concern? Appears so...

Not to go into deep detail, since that "horse" has been beaten and brought back to life too many times but as everyone is aware the Redskins made overtures for Jay Cutler and lost out to the Chicago bears. 

I, along with most fans I think, thought this was Daniel Snyder, owner, seeing " the grass as greener on the other side";  with a solid NFL starter, a solid backup and a 'potential" 3rd QB on the roster the Redskins did not need to be reviewing Quarterbacks.

When it was reported the Redskins were having a one on one with, potential first round pick out of USC, Sanchez, it was reasoned as performing due dilligence and posturing for a potential trade back or something in the draft.

Redskins private showing with Sanchez.

But once again I am amazed, thinking only insider information which I do not know must be in play at the Redskins QB situation.

Via   Pittsburg Post-gazette Now: Steelers backup QB Leftwich in talks with Redskins. What?!  Why?! it would be nice if a local paper, maybe a "Redskin Insider" had some information

(update: 142pm Redskins confirm to the Insider about a FRIDAY visit)

At least it appears to be a competition for number 2 as per the day late insider

The Redskins informed Leftwich that he would not be competing with Jason Campbell during their meeting with him, according to NFL sources, and made it clear that if signed, he would be there to play only if Campbell was injured or was ineffective during a start.

In the NFL the QB position is important and needs evaluated all the time but....I thought it was not an area of concern for Redsklins, the FO must know something, or could the FO be...leave that for the comments.

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