Draft Thoughts

Why, because it's time to record my thoughts the day later...T

The day after the 2009 draft, people are crying, celebrating and some disavowing the team after what many call poor draft performance or an ok performance which allowed did not address a glaring need...The OL!


Several weeks ago Redskin Insider, by name only, showed how Orakpo could fall to 13, everyone had him ranked in the top-5, No Mock draft I am aware of had him being selected outside of the Top-10.  The Redskin Draft Room could not put together a package to trade up, stayed at 13 and may have gotten the Steal of the Draft, but alas everyone is not happy.

The Redskin Insider is now concerned if the Redskins should have chosen Oher: 

This weekend, the Skins wasted no time in snagging Brian Orakpo when he was still available at No. 13, even though tackle Michael Oher had slipped to that spot and despite their need for an offensive tackle.

Oher may become a good tackle in the NFL but a late Round 1 graded player should not be selected over a Top-5 graded player because of need.  Of course note the "slipped" selection from insider...How does a player selected at 23 slip to 13?

Several Fan's most appear to have no clue about the team. Asked for the Redskins to draft a RB, someone speedy and quick who could spell Portis. 

Comment From Day from Richmond]
Betts has been disappointing...I thought he would have contributed more than he has spelling Portis Any decent burner left that would be a good change of pace for Portis?

One quote out of several, Redskins signed Alridge and Dorsey this offseason both are quick running backs which have an opprotunity.  Alridge is a better back than any of those in the draft passed the 2nd round, he has made an NFL roster. 

A solid CB, local product, a great pick...but not one of need or is it.  The Redskins have signed Hall and Rogers as the starting CB, Rogers is in the last year of his contract.  Smoot, Westbrook and Tryon are the other CB...Smoot is getting older and IMO the most suspect, Westbrook is ok but has not taken that next step, Tryon is a great dime and improving on Special teams.  Planning for the future with the Best Player Available.

OL, did not get addressed, they are old and it is an area of concern.  A significant amount of Undrafted Free Agent Lineman go on to become solid OL in the NFL.  Expect to see significnat pickups in that area along with a QB  : ) [Chase Daniels]

Overall, a solid draft which could have significant upsides with some of the projects taken in the later rounds, OL with the players signed and UFA should be solid.  Defense,  if it can become a unit will be down right SCARY.

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