Ideas on new formations, from NASA Math guys

How does one get ideas and potential plays and formations to the staff ? to coach, as I on occasion  did in Mr. Gibbs first tenure , with plays to utilize Brian Mitchell.

I Have sent several lengthy ideas to the web master at Redskins , probably not the avenue.. Some one who care will stand up and say wow that might work. Smart people , PHD’s Who know sports a rarity in deed

I work with an abundance of NASA Mathematicians and scientists who helped get a man on the moon and a mission to mars. The crew can use math and science to reliably predict  almost anything.

If people think that the wildcat formation was a hit and hard to defend try applying principals of other sports like basketball, with misdirection , and mathematical tendencies combined with outside the box thinking. If we can get a man on the moon, predicting reactions and forcing or influencing behavior is pedestrian at best.

Formations and offensive conceptual Ideas that some one needs to review, start a new paradigm !


3 backs on  punt returns, ( triple option or wish bone on returns with built in passing or laterals , use misdirection and the basketball principal that the pass moves the ball faster than the dribble or the run ( A Game  called Air force ball , no running allowed, and there must be 3 passes on each play.

Do not wait until the 2 minute drill or desperation , use it regularly to slow down the other team , make them think. Use  the sidelines to prevent disaster, if it blows  with a loose ball instructions to all bat or shovel the ball out of bounds ( no change of possession )

# 2 3 Backs like the triple option or wishbone, not to run but to pass, shot gun , not wild cat but wild + 1 , direct snap to  one of 3 backs who in essence runs various versions on the triple option , with pass from side to side and then forward, possibly a 3rd shovel either forward or lateral , always moving the ball further to the side lines to mitigate risk of possession loss.


Like Boise State HOOK AND LATERAL , misdirection, and lateral, and possibly a 3rd lateral, once again moving inside to out, and changing direction with the ball not the feet.. , Hook . Pitch to a trailing BACK or Receiver, who has a trailing back or receiver, and actually run an option type play in the open field, past the big ugly’s    as the DB’s Close the gap and commit pitch / pass to the trail back , once again have a fail safe to avoid turn over force the ball out of bounds to avoid change of possession ( COP  ). Consider  a draw or a shuttle pass or run to the inside ( with a trailing man to have an option or pitch if the gap is closed, force the feel of the game, and  get commitment to contain and close the gaps, as that happens swing &  spring the ball outside or the other direction Force the ball  against the grain ( a cutback or  re-direction  of 5 yards instantly ) this can serve to isolate one on one or one on NONE.

Run a delay and or a draw and at the last minute before the back crosses the line shovel pass to either side to the tight end. Possibly lateral to the trailing or off side back

Look at basketball pick and roll, or swing and reverse.

I know this is outside the box, and seems crazy, but If some one would  think outside the box, we can reinvent OFFENSE.

I will send this to any one who will listen.

If Capitol one Can use math to predict their income, Duke and Johns Hopkins can use math and animation and simulations to predict surgery , that Mr Zorn might want to consider this , I will send to MR Snyder as well

Jon A. Hoebeke  757-715-5432 cell , Life long fan

We are a technical consulting firm (125 strong) who has been working with NASA for almost 50 years. Our areas of specialization are:

  • Engineering and Math: Structures, CFD, Propulsion design, Optimization
  • Information Technology: Collaborative Engineering Environments, Simulation tools, Social Networking
  • Visualization: 2D, Multimedia and Animation, 3D Graphics, Virtual Reality
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence

A couple of quick links of our work:

Mission Madness (NASA PR):




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