Draft Review-not 2009...

If only the Redskins kept draft picks where would they be...

Over at Fox sports Mr. John Czarnecki takes a look at each teams draft over the years 2003-2008.

Draft review: How every team ranks from 2003-'08

Each team is graded on number of picks, first round picks, number of starters and number of pro bowlers.  Mr. Czarnecki goes on to grade each team, with Pittsburg, New England, New York Giants, and San Diego Charges getting top grades while the Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders and Tennesee Titans get the lowest marks.

Yes, Redskin Fans! Washington is not listed as a bottom dweller on the draft, over the last 5 years.  While Mr. Czarnecki provides a nice B-grade to the Redskins efforts,

WASHINGTON: The Redskins did a lot with only 23 picks between 2003-07, although they were devastated by the loss of All-Pro safety Sean Taylor, who was murdered during a home invasion. The 2005 draft produced CB Carlos Rogers and QB Jason Campbell. The next two drafts produced starters Kedric Golston, Rocky McIntosh and free safety LaRon Landry. The key to the Redskins will be if last season's top three picks, all receivers, display some maturity and toughness. If they do, Campbell will have a chance to succeed.
Picks: 33
First-round picks: 4
Starters: 8
Pro Bowlers: 2
Grade: B

 It's quite amazing when you look at the number of picks compared to other teams.  Remember just last season the Washington Redskins had 10 picks, between 2003-2007 only 23 picks were use by the Washington Redskins.  The team appears to do well when making picks, so please stop trading away picks, minimize the FA signings and do what they do best pick solid college players allowing them to develop.

A top team Pittsburgh look:

PITTSBURGH: If you skip last year's draft, the Steelers have taken the following players over the previous five drafts: Troy Polamalu, Ben Roethlisberger, Heath Miller, Santonio Holmes and LaMarr Woodley. There were others, but those picks include a two-time Super Bowl quarterback in Big Ben, one of the game's best safeties, two playmakers and one of the game's best young pass rushers. Three starting offensive linemen also came out of those drafts. All Pittsburgh needs is for runner Rashard Mendenhall, last year's top pick, to get healthy.
Picks 45
First-round picks: 6
Starters: 9
Pro Bowlers: 2
Grade: A

The Neighbor Baltimore:

BALTIMORE: For all the praise given to GM Ozzie Newsome, his drafts have produced few stars in recent years. Yes, quarterback Joe Flacco might become one, but the only Pro Bowler in the last six drafts is pass rusher Terrell Suggs from 2003. Yes, there are some decent starters in guard Ben Grubbs and fullback Le'Ron McClain. But they busted out with quarterback Kyle Boller and first-round receiver Mark Clayton in 2005. Running back Ray Rice was a solid choice last season and nine rookies did make the final 53-man roster in 2008.
Picks: 53
First-round picks: 6
Starters: 5
Pro Bowlers: 1
Grade: C-

And Finally the division winner last two years New York Giants:

NEW YORK GIANTS: New GM Jerry Reese had a great draft in 2007 that produced four starters and two solid part-time starters. But his predecessor, Ernie Accorsi, deserves high marks for the 2004-5 drafts that brought Eli Manning, Chris Snee, Gibril Wilson, Corey Webster, Justin Tuck and Brandon Jacobs to the starting lineup. Only Wilson is gone and Tuck and Jacobs have become stars. Defensive backs Kenny Phillips and Terrell Thomas came out of last year's draft. The heart of New York's defense is draft choices, the biggest exception being MBL Antonio Pierce.
Picks: 44
First-round picks: 5
Starters: 14
Pro Bowlers: 4
Grade: A

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