RedskinFEVA's Mock Draft....

1. Lions - Mark Sanchez/QB/USC - I think Sanchez is the safer of the two top QBs in this draft. The Lions could take Stafford or Jason Smith but I got a gut feeling about Sanchez.

2. Rams - Jason Smith/OT/Baylor - I think Jason Smith is the best OT in most scouts minds right now. With Orlando Pace gone I say the Rams select Smith to give them an anchor on the OLine for the next ten years.

3. Chiefs - Aaron Curry/OLB/Wake Forest - This pick was between Curry and Monroe. I decided on Curry because the Chiefs need some young blood in the LB corps for their new 3-4.

4. Seahawks - Eugene Monroe/OT/UVA - Some experts think the Seahawks will take a QB with this pick. I disagree. Hasselbeck has enough left in the tank and if the Hawks want a QB I think they can wait til the 2010 Draft. Monroe can replace Walter Jones on the left side when Jones retires in the next couple years.

5. Browns - Everette Brown/DE-OLB/Florida State - This is the first shocker in the draft in my opinion. Some people think the pick will be Orakpo but Brown is a monster and has speed to burn. He will be a machine in the Browns 3-4. I think Brown is the best player in this draft.

6. Bengals - Brian Orakpo/DE/Texas - This pick came down to Orakpo or Oher. I decided to take the best player on my board of the two. Orakpo is a monster and will be a sack machine for the Bengals.

7. Raiders - Darrius Heyward-Bey/WR/Maryland - This is my 2nd shocker of the first round. Heyward-Bey took the scouting combine by storm and I know Al Davis noticed. On tape you can see how much better Bey would be if the Terps had a QB with a pulse. I think Crabtree is a better WR but the Raiders take the WR with the most potenial.

8. Jags - Michael Crabtree/WR/Texas Tech - The Jags need WR help bad. Crabtree is the answer.

9. Packers - BJ Raji/DT/Boston College - The Packers have bigger needs but to run a 3-4 you need a NT with a pulse. I dont think anyone on the Packer roster can do the job Raji can.

10. 49ers - Matthew Stafford/QB/Georgia - I like Shaun Hill but if a possible franchise QB slips to 10 you have to take him.

11. Bills - Aaron Maybin/DE-OLB/Penn State - This is one of the hardest picks for me in this draft. I decided to slot Maybin here b/c the Bills have needs at DE and OLB. Maybin will fill one of those needs and help with the pass rush.

12. Broncos - Tyson Jackson/DE-DT/LSU - The Broncos like the Chiefs and Packers are going to run a 3-4 this season. Jackson is probably the most versatile defensive lineman in this draft.

13. THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS - Michael Oher/OT/Ole Miss - The Redskins are now on the clock and with the 13th overall pick I have them taking a guy who I think is the 2nd best OT in this draft Michael Oher. Some people arent high on Oher but he can pass block as well as anyone in this draft.

14. Saints - Malcolm Jenkins/CB-S/Ohio State - The Saints arent that strong at CB or S. Jenkins is the perfect answer.

15. Texans - Vontae Davis/CB/Illinois - I have Davis slipping a little in the draft to the Texans at 15. He should team up with Dunta Robinson to form one of the best CB tandems in football hands down.

16. Chargers - Andre Smith/OT/Alabama - Smith slides in my mock because of major character issues. If he can correct them the Chargers might just get the steal of the draft.

17. Jets - Jeremy Maclin/WR/Missouri - Another player who slips down my mock is Jeremy Maclin. The Jets need some speed at the WR position and Maclin should bring that and then some.

18. Broncos - Rey Maualuga/MLB/USC - Another piece to rebuild a defense that was terrible last year and should help ease the change to a 3-4. I dont think he is a bust like others say.

19. Bucs - Darius Butler/CB/UConn - I think Butler is the best CB in this draft and will be a steal for the Bucs at 19. He will help replace Ronde Barber when he steps down in the next couple years. Talib and Butler will be a sick combo in Tampa.

20. Lions - Peria Jerry/DT/Ole Miss - The Lions settle for my top DT in Jerry. I really love tape on Jerry and how he can tear things up in the middle. The Lions make a very solid pick here.

21. Eagles - Eben Britton/OT/Arizona - The Eagles decide to take Britton who will be another solid piece for them along the offensive line.

22. Vikings - Percy Harvin/WR/Florida - With Britton off the board I think the Vikings take Harvin and start dreaming up all the great things they can do with him and Adrian Peterson on that turf.

23. Pats - Clay Matthews/OLB/USC - Matthews is a typical NE pick and a guy who can help right off the bat.

24. Falcons - Brandon Pettigrew/TE/Oklahoma State - A great pick to help Matt Ryan. Pettigrew is like 2 players with one pick helping at TE and as a blocker.

25. Dolphins - Sean Smith/CB/Utah - The Dolphins take my 2nd rated CB in Sean Smith with the 25th overall pick. Like Butler, Sean Smith is a guy who doesnt get alot of chatter when compared to Jenkins and Davis. At the sametime he is a very good CB and should step in and make some plays early for the Dolphins.

26. Ravens - Hakeem Nicks/WR/UNC - Nicks is a WR with alot of upside. I think he is going to slip b/c of some issues leading to the draft. The Ravens will give Flacco a nice weapon to help improve the passing game.

27.  Colts - Evander "Ziggy" Hood/DT/Missouri - I think the Colts would of loved to have Percy Harvin but instead settle for some much needed help at DT with Hood.

28. Eagles - Chris Wells/RB/Ohio Sate - The first RB is finally off the board at 28 to Philly. I first had Wells at 6 to the Bengals but he has slid into the Eagles laps and they will be very happy about it.

29. Giants - Kenny Britt/WR/Rutgers - With the run on WRs in round 1 the Giants decide to take a shot on a guy with alot of upside who can hopefully replace Plax in Kenny Britt.

30. Titans - Michael Johnson/DE/Georgia Tech - I think Johnson is a machine and the 2nd best DE in this draft. Others knock his heart but he has all the talent to become a Pro Bowler year in and out. He reminds me alot of Julius Peppers.

31. Cardinals - Alex Mack/C-G/Cal - The Cards decide to wait on RB and take the best interior lineman in this draft in Alex Mack. Russ Grimm is stoked.

32. Steelers - Alphonso Smith/CB/Wake Forest - The Steelers end the 1st round with the playmaker Smith. He has slid in my mock all the way to 32 and the Champion Steelers are more then happy to pick him up.

Players who could be first round picks that I left out of my mock.....

Josh Freeman/QB/Kansas State, Knowshon Moreno/RB/Georgia, Donald Brown/RB/UConn, Jared Cook/TE/South Carolina, Phil Loadholt/OT/Oklahoma, Eric Wood/C-G/Louisville, Robert Ayers/DE/Tennessee, Larry English/DE-OLB/Northern Illinois, Brian Cushing/OLB/USC, James Laurinaitis/MLB/Ohio State, Patrick Chung/S/Oregon, William Moore/S/Missouri, Louis Delmas/S/Western Michigan

Of the guys I left off my mock Brown, Wood, Ayers, English, and Cushing are guys I really wanted to put in there but couldnt. Cushing I had at 15 to the Texans but when I updated it had him slipping out of the 1st round.

Any feedback would be great. I will post another mock before the draft. Thanks!!!

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