Official "STFU About Jay Cutler" FanPost

Look, all you people clamoring for Jay Cutler, do yourself a favor: Look objectively at Soupy's and Cutler's stats.

* Campbell has played in the NFC East, and Cutler has played in the AFC West. During their 3 years in the league, the NFC East has produced 5 wild card playoff teams and 1 Super Bowl champ, while the AFC West has produced.... 1 WC team. (Chiefs in '06) Other than that, San Diego has won every year, while the Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys each have won the NFC East. The combined win % of Campbell's NFCE opponents during his career is .611 (88-55-1, stupid McNabb) while Cutler's divisional foes have only gone .410 (59-85).

* In his career, Cutler's thrown a pick every 33 attempts. Campbell, only once every 49 attempts.

* Cutler has 16 career fumbles and has lost 5.

* Despite having been sacked more times than Cutler, (51 vs. 66) and having rushed only six fewer times than Cutler, (113 vs. 107) Campbell has only fumbled 6 times in his whole career, and has only lost one(!!).

* Last season, they had the exact same completion percentage, (62.3%) even though Cutler's been running the same offensive system for the past 3 seasons.

* Cutler's passer rating last year was only slightly higher than Campbell's, 86.0 vs. 84.3, despite Soupy being sacked 38 times and Cutler only 11 times.

* Hmm.... sacks. Sacks... aren't those prevented by the offensive line? Hmmmm...... might wanna take a look at that before we give up on Campbell.

* Jay Cutler has diabetes. Not that there's anything wrong with that -- but you won't see Jason Campbell needing to test his Insulin during a Redskins game. Honestly, would you want a QB with a chronic health problem? Again, nothing against people with diabetes, but... well, just because I don't have anything against midgets doesn't mean I'd want one for an NFL franchise QB.

You people trying to give up on Campbell and trade for Cutler are ridiculous. You're trying to replace your alternator without even checking the battery first, and since any trade would likely involve draft picks, that's like paying for it with the money you've been saving for an oil change. (How's that for an extended metaphor?)

Anyway, I don't actually want to silence discussion on this topic, I just feel like the very vocal "TRADE FOR JAY CULTER FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" contingent deserves a strong response. HTTR.

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