What have the Redskins Front office Done Now?

Daniel Snyder owner of the Redskins paid and added 3 players to the Redskin's Roster on the first day of Free agency, don't think he has a plan?  You don't spend that kind of money without a plan, but what has the Front office done?

Last Year, just a simple one year ago the Redskins hall of fame coach quit.  He decided he could no longer spend the time coaching an NFL team while spending quality time with his family.  He had earned everything, owed the Redskins nothing and decided to walk away a second time. 

The team was supposedly in better shape, with key members being what Gibbs described as "core" Redskins.  The coaching search was started and lasted what seemed like forever before the "front office" decided the best coach for this team was a Quarterback's coach.  No head coaching experience, long track record of improving quarterbacks, working with offenses, running offenses but no experience.  The front office remained quiet during 2008 FA period signing team members back to the Redskins. 

2008 was all about the draft, 10 picks for the Redskins to select.  If the no experienced coach could make improvements to the offense the team had a chance to make a play-off run.  The team needed recievers, big recievers so with the first 3 picks in 2008 the front office fixed the need drafting 2 WR and a pass catching TE.  Optimism amoung fans began to build, the front office drafted the WR which could make the offense succesful. 

Training camp starts, 2 injuries to the Redskins DE occurs.  The front office executes a trade and brings in a all pro DE.  The impression is the team is now better, expectations rise not only with Fans but the Media starts to talk about the Redskins not being the 4th best team in the NFC east.  Concerns about the offense begin to creep in as one drafted WR cannot stay healthy, and the other one while not 100% healthy is having rookie issues with learning the NFL game.  A complete disaster of a game occurs with the NY giants, most hope is lost and expectations drop but the team could still possibly make the playoffs and then as a Fan you have hope that something special can happen once in the playoffs when you know the team is average.

The team turns around, going 6-2 the playoffs seem like a sure thing, the team is playing well with a good defense and an adequate running offense.  As the season goes key players get hurt, the offense comes to a stop and the team goes 2-6 missing the playoffs.  As fans it was frustrating up and down season but it could be explained, with a first year head coach, an old offensive line, and a defense which played well but could not pressure the quarterback and did not produce a lot of turnovers.

AND AGAIN! THE FRONT OFFICE comes to the resuce, providing answers to those needs with the best DT in the NFL, a top cover corner and a solid 20-something Left Guard.  2009 holds 4-draft picks which will be used to provide more answers to the questions of the team OL and LB would be my guess.

What has the Front office done built what should be a dominate team which should make the playoffs and should be playing in the superbowl 2009.  What has the front office done again, The season cannot have up and downs with hopes and new excitment of possibly making the playoffs, the team MUST make the playoffs or be a failure.  The team should make the Superbowl, The Redskins season cannot be like last year with ups and downs, the season is just 16 games which preclude the Redskins making the playoffs anything else is a failure.   The team while built to be succesful in reality is setup to fail in 2009 because a Superbowl is expected anything less is a failure....Coming in to provide the Rescue is not always the best course of action.  Here is to a success and a great run HTTR!

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