I keep hearing that Mike Shanahan will be the Redskins' next coach and that current general manager Vinny Cerrato will survive. Are you surprised? I'm not. Vinny has 10 lives.

National Football Post

The Italicised part was not added by me, but was actually included in the piece I read



Shanahn First

Basically Shanahan has lived his whole football life in an eminently winnable division (as opposed to the NFC east the toughest division in Football),

With one of the all time great QB's he managed a SB, BUT since losing Elway, did he ever do anything special, and even with Elway he often relied on great last quarter comebacks, also known as Elways signature (whereas Campbell is good but not great and the one thing Campbell lacks as a QB is great last quarter comebacks) (and I would argue that those last quarter comebacks say more about a QB than a coach anyway)

He lived in Denver, where becasue of the success he had with Elway he was a beloved member of the community and lived a charmed life of rarely being criticised and because the Broncos were the only game in town he was basically a Governer type figure there (whereas in Washington he has an enraged Fan Base that will not tolerate much more of this medicority and a sceptical Press Corp's who are violently opposed to the owner adn some of whom I am sure will be willing him to fail)


He is committed to the WCO a system for which the current team, without a complete overhaul will not work and which will not be embraced by the fan base and goes against everything it means to be a Redskin, and it does not suit our good but not great QB





His name is Vinny Cerrato and his atrocious record speaks for itself, 'nuff said


Oh except one thing, he wears sunglasses in a manner that makes me despise the little man

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