Can someone please explain to me why.....

on a consistent basis on 3rd downs we make this same mistake again and again and again


A Wide Reciever runs out to the first down marker, there are 2 and sometimes 3 skins around him covering no-one else, he pulls up at the First down marker, turns, makes the catch, 1st down, again and again and again


Now I might just be a simple foreigner, but it appears to me that if two defenders are covering one WR it should be pretty simple to ensure that one of them pulls up at the 1st down marker BEFORE the WR even does, or at the very least be anticipating it and be ready to turn in a moment NOT TO RUN 3 or 4 YARDS PAST THE EXACT SPOT YOU WOULD EXPECT THE WR TO TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!, I mean you have a guy over the back to cover if he trys to pull a double move, I get that if its one on one it will happen OCCASIONALLY that you worry about the deep threat and dont catch him at the marker.

BUT WHEN THERE ARE TWO OF YOU THERE< why you would stop even 3 feet beyond the 1st down marker if you're the guy covering his front shoulder is F**KING BEYOND ME IT REALLY IS




Its simple with a two on one, the back guy covers the deep threat and covers from 5 yards beyong the WR back shoulder and the front guy does not fall FOR ANY MOVES AT ALL until the 1st down marker AND THEN< even if he does fall for a double move or a stop and go deep at the marker, thats OK you have cover, but DO NOT UNDER ANY F***ING CIRCUMSTANCES RUN BEYOND THE 1st DOWN MARKER WITHOUT AT LEAST PAUSING, ITS NOT F***ING ROCKET SCIENCE


Last nights game script for the Giants had one line for 3rd downs.


If it is 3rd down, run a simple curl at the 1st down marker and we know these imbecile Redskins will not have the basic intelligence, football acumen or proffesionalism to expect it, even after the 14th time we do it, so barring poor throws we will keep moving the chains.

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