Shanahan + Redskins + 3-4 Defense = SuperBowl


The Plan For 2010

I have written the front office plan I would like to see happen in 2010. I based all of the personnel decisions on having Mike Shanahan as the Redskins head coach and running his prolific offense in 2010. I also am a strong advocate for the 3-4 and I believe the redskins could become one of the NFL’s Elite Defenses by running it. Please Comment and let me know your thoughts!


Coach- Mike Shanahan- Bring in a guy who’s proven and can keep it movin through tough times. Stick it out with him and even if there is a bad season, believe in him. Also if there’s anyone who can breathe life into our running game and our offense it'll be Mike.


Offensive Coordinator- Gary Kubiak- if Houston chooses to let him go he would be a great fit in Washington with Shanahan as the head coach.


Or Charlie Weis- Yes I know he wasn’t good at Notre Dame but Shanahan will be running the offense anyway and Weis is a great football mind capable of being successful in the NFL. 


Defensive Coordinator- the Defensive Coordinator from the Jets, or particularly someone who runs the 3-4 defense. It’s time to make the switch. Our defense is good, now it’s time to be great. Orakpo and Carter would be savages on the outside in a 3-4 defense. Get someone who knows that Laron Landry should be playing Strong Safety.


Or- if Eric Mangini gets fired he would be a great defensive Coordinator. He’s innovative and is an experienced coach. Also head coaches who are fired generally make good Coordinators (Mike Nolan, Cam Camron, Greg Williams and practically half the coordinators in the NFL)


Special Teams Coach- Danny Smith, no need to change, this part of our team is solid


QB- Jason Cambell- behind a good offensive line he will be a much better quarterback


Resign Levi Jones, Rocky McIntosh, Hunter Smith and Carlos Rogers


(I'm a little sketchy on resigning Rogers, this would depend on how much he’s asking for)


Release- Antwan Randel El, Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright, and Randy Thomas, (this one pains me because these guys are high character guys that work hard each and every play)


Free Agents- Brandon Marshall WR- yes this is the typical redskin move but don't let a player of this caliber pass by without you at least trying to get him, also with Mike Shanahan as the head coach this would be a great pick up. Also this would


Logan Mankins RG- Helps to sure up the line, also he would provide great pass protection for Jason Cambell


Marcus McNeil- another lineman would help to sure up the run game


Surprise Free Agent- Reggie Bush- he has a 13.5 million dollar cap charge due to them next season and they are likely to release him. I’m not saying we should bonafide pick him up. Though he is worth a look and with the talent he posses could be a sleeper pick.


(3rd and 6th picks are gone due to Jarmon and Jason Taylor)


1st round- CJ Spiller (Clemson) - yes I know this is a wild pick. However, this is depending on what lineman is available. I say we pick up one of the best 2 lineman available. However, if it happens that the best 2 lineman are gone by the time we pick, I say we trade down acquire a first and 3rd and pick up CJ Spiller (Clemson) who should be a highly sought after running back. He should clock in around a 4.3 and seeing what Chris Johnson is doing this year a lot of teams will try to use a speed back in their game plan. He would bring speed to our offense and would thrive down the road in Shanahan's Offense.


2nd round – Ciron Black (LSU) – He is the 6th rated tackle and depending on his combine should be available for the redskins to pick up in the second round.  Either way we know Stephan Heyer is not the answer at right tackle.


Rounds 3-7 – get a free safety/corner, a guard, a Linebacker, and a running back.


No trades for players- (or franchise Carlos Rogers then trade him for a second round pick)


With these off season moves I see the redskins in the SuperBowl and first in the NFC east. Please Comment and let me know your thoughts!

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