Discussion Debate: You Be The GM for 2010

In an effort to prove that like Irishmen, if you put 4 Redskins fans in a room you will get 6 opinions I have thought of this thread.

Basically you are the GM for 2010, you have full control over these decisions for the following year.


Offensive Co-Ordinator

Defensive Co-Ordinator

Special Teams Coach


1st and 2nd Rd picks by name (or position, but exact, so no O-Line you have to say Tackle or Guard for instance)
3-7 rd picks by position (3rd and 6th picks are gone due to Jarmon and Jason Taylor)


Trades are allowed but have to be realistic, so you could trade Cooley for a 2nd Rd pick, or maybe even a 2 and a 4, but not for a 1 and a 3.


Coach- I cannot believe I am saying this but I think I keep Zorn, the players really are playing hard for him against all logic, really they should have checked out weeks ago, but somehow he has the guys playing hard, however I keep Zorn under one Proviso, he hires a competent OC, which leads to my next pick.

OC- Look to be honest I don't know that much about the co-ordinators out there, so I am happy to take ideas here from anyone, but I would look to a college co-ordiantor from a big program, for one reason, JC17 has great feet and I would like to see more plays designed to use them, I wanna see Jason Run, he has shown he can take the hard hits, so why not let him go a little Vince Young and make some yards on the run, once again though, I am happy for this idea to be slammed and other more realistic options offered up.

DC- Jerry Gray, promoted from Secondary coach and GROOMED TO BE THE NEXT HC, we need to develop a Redskins identity and you cant do this by looking outside the organisation all the time, we need to develop some ppl, so I give Gray the chance to prove himself as a leader and a playcaller in a more challenging role that secondary coach.

Special Teams Coach - Keep our guy who we have now, I hear nothing but good things about him and the trick plays he developed combined with a stingy Special Teams D that never gives up TD's means he stays.

QB- I keep Jason, hes clearly a good leader and a high character guy and thats what we need right now in that locker room, HOWEVER I also employ a top level sport pyshologist and get him to spend hours with Jason mentally rehearsing late game situations and force him to watch hours of tape of well run two minute drills, also I would ask Zorn to incorporate some 2 minute stuff into the middle of quarters in the pre-season to ensure Jason is sharp in this area of the game.

1st Rd Pick - This Okung guy who is a Tackle all you guys are hot on, so I would defer to your superior knowledge and take him as the high OT

2nd Rd Pick - I would go O-Tackle again, although there is an argument for going Secondary if there is a highly rated player who has fallen out of the first round.

Picks 3-7 - 3rd round RB and then project O-Line from 4 throuhg to 7, I would get one of the Stanford Guards, I saw some of their games this year and there is no doubt they contributed to Gerhardts year, so even if they dont bench 300 or run quick 40's take them the way the Steelers do, as Footballers not athletes and lets see what we can find.

FA- I beleive a good tackle is available from the Chargers so if we could get him take him, my understanding is he is only 26 or something (thanks again to the good citizens of HH for this info) However even if we do get this guy it does not change my draft strategy, O-Line is hit and miss in the lower rounds, plus its a high injury area so depth is essential.

TRADES- If we can get 3rd or 4th rd picks for Portis, ARE or Cartwright we jump all over it and use them picks to trade up into the 2nd Rd again if possible and get another highly rated O-Lineman.

Personally I keep Cooley, but if someone was desperate and offered a 2nd and a 3rd you would have to seriously consider it, like really really massively consider it, but I doubt you would get that offer,


That is my attempt, let the abuse begin, but more importantly I want to see all of your ideas, PLUS can someone give me some ideas for Offensive Co-Ordinators

LJP this thread is a whole of organisation theory not a  Jason Campbell argument, take them posts elsewhere

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