5 Observations from the Saints/Patriots game as New Orleans visits Washington

First and foremost, the Redskins will have Haynesworth back this week, so the only way the Redskins win this game is if Brees gets knocked out early and Brunell comes in. Since that is unlikely:

1.) How is the Redskins' Offensive Line going to stop the Saints front four?
They were wreaking havoc on Tom Brady consistently, even with a 3-man rush. As we all know, the Pats have a much better line than the Redskins. Will Smith has 8.5 sacks, 4 passes defended, 1 INT, and 3 forced fumbles. Yikes.

2.) How many injuries will the Redskins get this week?
The Saints defense hits hard, very hard. Their secondary forced turnovers and laid the thunder with some big hits. You don't think Gregg Williams wants some vengeance? If I were the Redskins' medical staff, I'd have 53 ambulances on the sideline with the engines running.

3.) How do the Redskins put pressure on Brees?
When the Patriots blitzed, Brees efficiently threw quick passes. The Saints WRs are fast and I really question how the Skins secondary can match up against them. The Saints clearly aren't taking any teams lightly, but maybe the Skins can catch the Saints' players still celebrating their victory over the Pats. It's not too likely since the Redskins beat the Saints at Fedex last year. 

The Redskins still rank #1 with fewest passing yards allowed per game (170.4), but I don't see that holding up. I said that against Philly too, though, so who knows.

4.) Mike McKenzie looked like a star.
How did so many teams overlook him? The Saints cut him after a broken knee cap last season, but his speed is clearly restored. Great addition for the Saints last week after adding Chris McAlister the week before.

5.) Drew Brees' effort at Fedex Field this Sunday will validate for Dan Snyder he needs to draft a QB.
Ugh. Mr. Snyder...please observe that Drew Brees has only been sacked 13 times this year and only endured 34 QB hits...both 3rd lowest in the NFL. It doesn't matter what QB is back there, they need time.

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