Feel Good Friday Fun


Back by some not so popular demand (just Rekka) I’m writing another Homerific post about the game this week. If you don’t like it now is the time to stop reading.

Warning the views expressed after the jump are solely the hopes of a Redskins fan and in no way reflect the beliefs of any knowledgeable sports analyst or other NFC east fan.

Another week, another weak team, on a front loaded schedule of weak teams. It’s Crunch time, the media is in a frenzy, the team is making questionable staff moves, the coaches are threatened with their backs against the wall it’s time we see what this team is made of. Are we who they thought we are or are we who we thought we are, something special, a number 4 defense bolstered thru free agency and the draft to create what we thought could be a dominant, running back stuffing, QB crushing, route jumping game winning caliber defense of the likes we haven’t had in years.

We showed what we were capable of last week, albeit just in the third quarter but we caught a glimpse of what we have the ability to do on both offense and defense. If we’re firing on all cylinders we’re a team that can move the ball downfield on offense and show up with big plays on defense.

This Sunday we roll into a stadium that has lost 1 of its last 9 games at home they’re hungry but guess what, so are we. Our coaches are on a very short leash and they might not admit it but they can feel the walls closing in around them it’s time to put it on the table the players know that if they want avoid a total reboot of the system this season they have to execute they have to come up with big plays but most importantly they have to win and WIN BIG.

Blache is sick of the media he knows how it goes in Washington, Win or go Home. He changed his coaching prowess last week and guess what, it worked. The Defense is going to bring it again and bring it harder against the struggling offense of the panthers. We’re going to rush Orakpo, he’ll be the roaming Blitzer that strikes fear and confusion in the heart of the opposing linemen. D Hall is gonna shut down Steve Smith and Haynesworth is going to stuff the run, blow up the pocket and command triple coverage, leaving Jarmon and Orakpo do his dirty work and RAK EM UP. Oh and if they do get thru the line guess what they get rewarded with a first class ticket to Europe, more specifically London, a tackling machine that has been leveling anyone who runs at him.

The offense is ready to explode , we got a taste last week in the third quarter, we know who our play makers are and we got some young guys that are frothing at the mouth to show there worth. DT’s not happy where he’s at and he’s been working hard to prove his worth watch for an explosive play early this game from him. Randle El and Cooley are going to work the zone’s until the panthers are forced to roll coverage off of Moss and then it’s bomb’s away as Campbell connects with Moss for a 20+ yard td pass for the third week in a row.



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