PSSOM: Special Abbreviated Version - Washington Redskins Hope to be Worst 4-2 Team...Ever

On the same week when Starbuck's releases its VIA instant coffee, we bring you a condensed version of Pour Some Sugar On Me. I am on the road this week but I still have ten thoughts from the previous weekend of football. Let's get to it:

1) Jeremy Jarmon and Brian Orakpo looked good rushing from the opposite ends. I respect you Philip Daniels. I respect you Andre Carter, Give me Jarmon/Orakpo earlier and often.

2) In an upcoming episode of PSSOM we are going to bring out some of my predictions and analysis from the preseason to see where I may have been right and where I may have been drunk. Here's a hint: I was on to something when I told you that Patrick Willis and Mike Singletary had something going on in San Francisco.

3) P.S. I TOLD you Darren Sharper was a huge addition in New Orleans.

4) When did Major Dad start coaching the Vikings?

5) THANK YOU DALLAS! Your 2-2 start is going to draw some serious attention in the national media. Appreciate it.

6) Is it irony if a defensive end who has been arrested/charged with DUI three times is a guy you would kill to do some boozing with at some point? Jared Allen looks like someone who would be a LOT of fun to share a 30-pack with while watching a slate of games.

7) Steaming Pile of Manure award goes to the Cleveland Browns...again...uhhhh...why don't you guys just hold onto the trophy and we'll let you know when we need it back?

8) Kansas City is getting better. In two weeks they will either be the best 1-4 or 0-5 team we have ever played against.

9) Antwaan Randle El is a good player. I am not telling you anything you don't know. Whenever I see him though, I see a guy who is keeping guys off the field--guys we need to start learning some things about. His decision-making in the return game continues to baffle me.

10) KevinE reports that Snyder kept the brown bags out of the stadium. I was at the stadium and I did not see them, so I kind of just thought that nobody decided to wear them with the game on the line. As much as I hated the idea of people putting bags on their heads, Snyder's censorship is also very troubling.

That said...

Welcome to Day 7 of The Revolution. We continue to put it together. Our goal will never be to embarrass the players or the team. But we will be heard. Thanks for all of the kind responses and support for our new endeavor. We will be rolling it out more in depth in the coming days and weeks.

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