Recap: Tampa Bay Bucanneers vs Washington Redskins

Chris Cooley was quick to twitter last night after the game, "Our team is like Viagra...we make it hard every week. But who cares, we won." Another tough day for Redskins fans. We squeaked out another win, and we're left with hoping that THIS game is the one where lessons are learned and motivation is gained for the next game. It never seems to work that way even as their schedule couldn't be ANY friendlier for a struggling team. The first half as we all know went as bad as it could go. 

"It was really frustrating for us all. I started looking at the game plan, wondering: What else could go wrong?" Zorn said. "It was, offensively, like two different halves."

Well, of the first 20 first down plays, 14 were runs (13 by Portis). It's not often a team turns the ball over 4 times and wins the game, but so it goes when you play an abysmal team with a rookie 1-AA quarterback. ChrisCarter said post-game, "I look at the film and by the way Jason Campbell reads defenses, it looks like he just came in the NFL." Ouch. Zorn took a lot of the blame for the play-calling, which is obvious when the team is unable to successfully run the ball, yet he still called the run 35 times. I don't know what to expect for the Redskins, but I am no longer holding my breath that they'll turn it around at Carolina.

1st Downs 12 14
Passing 1st downs
6 9
Rushing 1st downs
6 5
1st downs from Penalties
0 0
3rd down efficiency
2-13 4-14
4th down efficiency
0-0 1-2
Total Plays 55 60
Total Yards 229 277
Passing 100 152
13-22 12-22
Yards per pass
4.5 6.9
Rushing 129 125
Rushing Attempts
30 35
Yards per rush
4.3 3.6
Red Zone (Made-Att) 1-3 1-1
Penalties 5-40 4-40
Turnovers 2 4
Fumbles lost
1 1
Interceptions thrown
1 3
Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 0
Possession 31:04 28:56

31:04 seconds is a lot of time on the fields for a 0-3 team. Who thought our defense would be the problem going into this year? Perhaps it was because the whole time they were going against OUR OWN offense all training camp!?

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