The 2010 Redskins offense

CarverM prefaced a post today saying "in the off chance the Redskins' FO reads these posts..."  That inspired me, along with the posts from Kurtstack and lallahel to write a rebuilding plan.  With toungue in cheek, let's play a game and figure out what we want the front office to see if they read these posts.

Here's the game

The Redskins starting 3-reciever set presently looks like this:




You are Vinny Cerato.  Cut and paste this box and tell us who is there in 2010, and how you will get them.  These are your assets (thanks to KevinE's draft tracker post):

  1. The NINTH PICK (arbitrary) in round 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7.

And these are your liabilities:

  1. Jason Campbell, Stephon Heyer, Mike Williams to become free agents
  2. Chris Samuels retired

If we get enough entries, we can have a poll to see what box we like the best.

Before I give you mine, I am also putting for fun what I earnestly think Cerato's box is.  Tell me if you disagree.





In this scenario, Brandon Marshall gets signed for buckets of money, Jimmy Claussen is our 1st rounder, and Chad Clifton is signed in free agency away from the Packers, who happily promote Daryn College.





  • Pennington can be acquired in free agency for a reasonable contract (I don't think there's any universe where Campbell stays in Washington at this point.  Good luck in Seattle, JC!).  This is a win-now move; a young apprentice must be found for the long term, but is obviously not my priority.
  • That's TRENT WILLIAMS, folks, at right tackle.  He's our 1st rounder unless he leapfrogs Russell Okung in the draft.
  • I am optimistically slotting IUPATI for our 2nd round pick.  If I am wrong, then I'm looking at DAVID BAAS in free agency.
  • MARCUS MCNEIL is Snyder's splash move for the 2010 off-season.  We will have to overpay to lure him from San Diego.
  • Old man Isaac Bruce is gettable and sure-handed.  In my universe, he finds his way to the Redskins and Randle-El gets dumped (for a 4 million cap hit).
  • Obviously, rookie RB BEN TATE is splitting carries with Portis, who I just can't see being traded in any reasonable universe.  We are old at RB, and Portis's workload needs to be reduced.  Betts is even older, and obviously not the future.  Tate is our 4th round pick. 

A closing observation

This is much harder than I thought it was going to be.  The young, stout offensive line that I set out to build cost me more than I expected.  My team needs big improvement from Kelly and Thomas and a turnaround from Portis to be successful.  I believe that this team is doable under the cap, but I'd hate to do the numbers.

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