Play Calling or Execution

The Eagles game is tonight, the Redskins have embarked on a new play caller which provides another set of issues but is it the play calling, execution or both...The Washington Times looked at it but here is my take

Execution the key for Redskins Rate this story, Team must improve in Five areas to break its slump

Yes, the players have to execute, but the five areas which need improved are not all the focus of the players some of it is the play calling...Tonight will tell a little if things show different but it's still comes down to

"It's not anything magical on this list here," said Smith, the Redskins' offensive coordinator. "They have to execute."

Sometimes a coach needs to setup the execution for success instead of failure:

FIRST DOWN PRODUCTION:  Appears to be ok, yeah it would be nice to be a top-10 team but in the top half will work...

1. Eagles: 7.09 yards/snap

12. Redskins: 5.91

Failure on first down left Zorn with second-and-long calls that were obvious -- draws or short passes to get a portion of the yards back.

This is where Zorn, needed to be creative and not obvious: instead he was creative on 1st down or 4th down...Try it on 2nd down....Hopefully Sherm will change that...

25-YARD-PLUS PASS PLAYS :  Ask the Eagles how forgetting the running game works, the same can be said for not calling and continue to call by finding a way to have long pass plays....roll outs, shot-gun etc...Long pass plays need to be called.

1. Packers, Giants: 16

25. Redskins: 6

The first 2 items is not execution as much as it is the way the plays are called, For those who want to see Campbell on the bench, the glaring....issue which needs to be addressed and is all about execution by the QB


1. Atlanta: 121.9

28. Redskins: 65.3

Sellers, needs to block, Players need to know where the first down marker is coming up 1 to 2 yards short is unacceptable, and the stat shows.  Again, execution by the players, yeah!, play calling does effect it but it's a matter of will and want by the players...Sellers forgot how to block, this is execution but the reason why is?????



Can Someone Please Get Me a Fullback That Can Block


1. Miami: 56.0 percent

27. Redskins: 29.7

2 of 5 go to the coach and play calling

2 of 5 go to execution by the players who should be performing

And the final area where improvement is needed is a shared area with execution see Portis and Sellers not make 1 yard, and play calling, where's the dive or QB sneak


1. Minnesota: 65.2 percent

26. Redskins: 40.0

Front Office, Coaches, Players: Everyone needs to focus on playing football the right way!

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