Better Idea than the Boycott

There has been a lot of talk lately about Boycotting games so Snyder gets hurt financially and gets out of the way of the Football Operations, however with most Tickets already sold out as Season Passes or whatever this seems like a small hit to Snyder with a big hit to average fans who have paid for the tickets, love the team and now dont use them.

I feel I have a more fan friendly solution, that still hits Snyder hard

Basically go the the games, and get what you paid for (well not really what you paid for, based on the product on the field but you get a day at a Football Stadium nonetheless)

But when there

Take the Bus or train or whatever, do NOT PAY FOR PARKING, leave them $46 a spot lots empty averaged out at 20000 cars, (there would be a lot more for a 90000 seat stadium I imagine but lets keep this conservative) that will cost Snyder a million dollars in lost revenue and he still has to pay the Parking attendents.

Now I am a long range Skins fan, born in England and raised in Australia I have never even been to DC so I dont knwo what the Public Transport is like, but there must be some right, and Snyder gets no money off that

Take your own food and drinks I'm unsure of US law but in Australia Venues have to allow you to take your own Sandwiches, you just cant take in food purchased ready to eat from outside the venue and drinks can come in as long as the seal is not broken on the bottle, assuming its the same in the States that means you can Enjoy the game and avoid enduring $15 soggy hot dogs or whatever they are and save some money

This is the big one...PURCHASE NO MEMORIBILIA WHATSOEVER...NO HATS NO JERSEYS NO KEYCHAINS NO GLOVES NO T SHIRTS NO SHOELACES NO WHATEVER,  if you look in to Financials of any sporting organisation selling cheaply made (iusually foriegn made) crappy merchandise that is marked up 1000% cos it has a logo on it is where they make their money, JUST DONT BUY IT

ANd make it clear Until Snyder signs a restraining order keeping him 100feet away from all contracted Redskins players and Coaches that then and only then will we consider buying Skins products, tailgating and buying stadium food again, until then and only then we are going to bleed that money grubbing fantasy football loser who masquerades as an owner dry to the bone


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