A collection of Notable Quotations on the state of the Redskins and Snyderatto Inc.:


John Riggins on the Redskins handoff to Sherm: "The idiocy of this whole move is just stunning,"

John Riggins on Dan snyder: "This franchise has been taken hostage by someone who has the mindset of a child because everything revolves around them."

John Kent Cook on Dan Snyder: "Daniel Snyder has 'destroyed the reputation' of the Redskins".

John Kent Cook on the state of the Redskins: "I, like the fans of the Redskins, have had enough".

Redskin Fans at Fedex Field on Dan Snyder: "Sell the Team " !

Steve Largent on Snyderatto Inc.: "To think you can bring a guy in from a retirement center ... and say, 'You're gonna call the plays' ... and think that's gonna be successful, that's a joke. That is really a joke."

Brian Mitchell on Snyderatto: "you cannot go without blaming Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder. They put this junk together"

Rich Gannon on Snyderatto: "It's a mess," Gannon said. "And now they're gonna turn to a guy in Sherm Lewis that's been out of football for five years".

Joe Theismann on Snyderatto: "I guess they're talking about Sherm Lewis being the playcaller. That is absolutely the worst thing that this organization can do.

Jim Zorn on the Redskins.  "And it has to do with the playcaller, just being quick. And so we'll see what happens there."

Tanya Snyder on Dan Snyder: "everything starts from the top down." "Nobody likes to be booed," she told Fox. "And that makes me sad, you know. And I just -- I know we'll get it, though. We'll get it."

Carlos Rogers on Dan Snyder:  "it starts with the ownership."

Rodney Harrison, Football Night in America on Snyderatto: "I'd definitely have to say management [is to blame]

Tony Kornheiser, ESPN: on the Redskins: "The Redskins are, I hate to tell you this, one of the five worst teams in the NFL."

Sportswriter John Feinstein on Dan Snyder: "The owner thinks he knows football and doesn't know football. He's got a henchman sideguy to his right, who's a radio talkshow host half of the week and is calling Bingo callers to fix the offense the rest of the week. It is a joke."

Sportswriter Tom Boswell on Dan Snyder: "Snyder walks into a room with body guards and acts like he knows everything".

Anonymous Redskin Player on The Redskins: "Right now, it's really just chaos," said one player who requested anonymity because of the fear of reprisal from management for speaking candidly. "It's just been one thing after another, and no one knows what's going on and how it's going to work."

Some guy on the Internet on Snyderatto: "Looks like everyone can see what's wrong with this team other than the two jack-tards running it. Sad days ahead for us fans."

Another guy on the Internet on Dan Snyder: "To conclude, Dan Snyder is a moronic owner who has no understanding of employee morale or the divisive impact that his personnel and salary decisions have had on the team".

Vinny Cerrato on the Redskins: ‘Look, we’re just not scoring points, our coach has too much on his plate, and I want him to concentrate on head coaching stuff, not all this other stuff like playcalling.’ "

Vinny Cerrato on Dan Snyder: "No comment".

Dan Snyder on Dan Snyder: "I fired the wrong guy"

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