Where is JC going to end up next year?

Since it is plainly obvious that Jason Campbell will not end up remaining with the Skins following this year, I wanted to look at the places he might end up.


Also on a side note: The whole Jay Cutler trade came down to the Broncos wanting Orton over JC. Orton has better numbers than Cutler (100+ passer rating compared to 86). There was a general consensus that JC was a better QB than Orton (he possessed more skill, athleticism, and decision making (Orton was a turnover machine in Chicago)). Think about how well JC might be doing in Denver right. Just a side.


Now back to business.

1. San Francisco - I really hope JC ends up here. This is how a organization is supposed to be run. They did not cave into Crabtree. Singletary has the reigns to coach the team. Davis has straightened out is become a dominant TE. The only missing piece is a QB. With Sean Hill regressing and Alex Hill presumably a bust it seems like the perfect fit with many analyst guessing that that is where he will end up.


2. New England - This is my own hope. It has nothing to do with anything that is going on. Tom Brady has no real back up. He is getting kind of old. But the major reason I want JC to go here is that he will finally be in an organization that epitomizes excellence. He will learn so much from Brady in terms of decision making and leadership. Belichick will definitely be a major influence on him too.


3. Carolina - Jake Delhomme is old. Ancient. He turns the ball over like its his job. Also, people are assuming this is Cowher's choice of his next coaching position. And I would guess that he wants a mobile Big Ben type of QB without giving up a draft pick for one. Also another good situation.


4. Minnesota - I know this is a weird choice for many reasons. First its a west coast system. He did not do that well. Second they have Favre. But hear me out. JC can spend a year as a back up to Favre, and learn the system. Also Tavaris Jackson is a free agent i think, but in any case I think he might be out of Minnesota after this year. 


5. Oakland - Jamarcus might be a bust. But I doubt JC will put himself in a situation with another dysfunctional franchise.


6. St. Louis - Do they have a QB? I do not know much about this. Doubt it.


7. Miami - Maybe?


8. Buffalo - No?


As you can see I got tired of writing, so tell me your opinion of where he would end up. I think its going to be San Fran but it would be interesting to see him go to New England.

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