Snyder - Cerrato History......finally REVEALED!!!

The last ten years have been brutal, except for the bringing out Joe Gibbs to try and right the ship.

Even Joe whiffed on Jason Campbell, yet you have to feel for the guy falling into Snyder's dysfunctional family. How can you thrive and develop in multiple systems. Even Joe Bugel has been given potato chips to work with.

In the end it comes down to the weird relationship of Danny Boy and Vinny C. Now Vinny has hit on a few picks, but not enough to build on. He can't be forgiven for overlooking the O-LINE!!!!!!!  Three 2nd round picks in 2008 and no guards, no tackles. HELLO Phil Loadholt!!! This guy will be a stud for the Vikings for years to come. Wait! we have a chance to draft two marginal wideouts and Cooley sucks so bad he needs help???????

I have come to the only conclusion on this relationship between Snyder and Vinny......Vinny has photos of Snyder in a compromising position with a goat.

It has to be the only reason you keep this sycophantic yes boy around.

Gruden, Billick, Cowher, Shanahan?????

If you were them would you want Zorn's spot??

Dan we forgive your goat love, now clean house! Get Chris Pollian and get out of the way. Go immerse yourself in the business world where you thrive. Football ops should be left to men not to boys who desperately want to be invited into the club.

The mess our little Napoleon has made will take years to undo.

Stop overpaying players and build a team from the ground up, which means the O-line. It all begins up front. Hogs, Steeler, 49er, Cowboy, etc......yes those teams had stars and skill players, but with out solid foundation plowing and protecting they would never have won all their titles.

The aquasition of The Fat Albert that has never done the conditioning to be an every down monster is becoming the latest shrewd move. If he hit the gym he would command triple teams!!

Though even with a solid D you have to break 20 points once in a while to be able to win.

Someone tell me I'm wrong.....

Dan, please write to me to discuss. I'm always available, and next time just feed the goats some kibble and pet them nicely.


Sasquatch Jim

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