A series of observations

I think that the reactions to Thursday's massacre have not been what I expected them to be.

Folks, that football game was the absolute worst performance I've seen by the Redskins since the late Spurrier era.

The offense looked listless, and again our pass blockers had no idea wtf they were doing. Jason Campbell was holding on to the ball for an extra second almost every play, presumably because he's uncomfortable in this offense. Portis, Moss, and ARE played well -- but the offense didn't give itself any opportunities. On defense, our defensive line -- complete with 3 Pro Bowl-level studs, got crushed by the Giants' o-line, who earned about 5 yards a rush for most of the game. It only produced two sacks, none of which came from JT. Carlos Rogers looked like he'd never played football before, and LaRon Landry alternated between confusion and brilliance. McIntosh missed a wide-open tackle of Eli Manning at the 2 yard-line -- he got faked out?! Burress caught what felt like every pass thrown near him, and the Redskins again continued to drop interception after interception, a disease that's plagued every 'Skin in the recent secondary (that is, all those DB's not tragically resting in peace).

Every team has its bad weeks. I understand that. And frankly, playing the Giants away Week 1 on national TV is literally the toughest assignment to start the season that the Redskins could have earned. But what bothered me about this game is the lack of character and identity this team showed.

They were not a united group with one goal. Watching them at the end of last season, they had character, fight, and togetherness. This game, it looked like no one was happy to be there, no one had confidence in each other. The defense showed some heart as the game went on, but the offense refused to step up the tempo and it seemed like they were running plays because Coach Zorn called them, not because they wanted to run them.

Didn't you guys feel like they were half-assing their play? Or that it was like the Gibbs off-years, when they would know that the play-call selection was bad, and they ran it anyway, only to get stifled and disheartened?

Something was different about this team, something I've not seen since before Gibbs. This is a playoff-level team, a team that lost one of the best players in the league and then rattled off four straight wins (including in NY) to make the playoffs. That was this identical team -- well, the identical starters plus the active sack leader in the NFL.

And we come up with that?

I'm the last person that says what I'm about to say, but here goes. The Jim Zorn watch, for me at least, is on. Dan Snyder really knows how to pick 'em.

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