[mmford10's thoughts] on the Redskins/Cowboys, [because I] wanted to hear them

[Note by Skin Patrol, 09/29/08 6:54 PM EDT ] Promoted but unedited, except for title. I tagged it as well.

Few things that our Redskins offer us are anywhere nearly as satisfying as a win over the dreaded Cowboys.

Yesterday was no exception.

I was thoroughly impressed by the play of Jason Campbell, who was arguably more effective than the anointed best QB in the NFC -- Tony Romo. He was composed, creative, and showed off the vision I've doubted in him for some time -- he seemed to miss a lot of open receivers when I watched at FedEx. One play -- the one where he scrambled in the pocket to find a wide-open Moss at the sunny 10-yard-line -- seemed to show a better understanding of the offense and his WR's to know to make that play. He is really growing up and playing great football, physically and statistically, in spite of having a WR corps that has gotten almost no contributions from the rookies, and seems to never look to Chris Cooley (that is still killing me, btw).

Meanwhile, Clinton Portis plays with the most heart I've ever seen. As Troy Aikman, who spent just an astounding amount of time with Joe Buck kissing the Cowboys' majestic feet in the broadcast, surprisingly said (I'm paraphrasing) -- "If there are yards to be had, Clinton Portis will find them." He bursts through the holes as hard as anyone in the NFL. He (and Betts) blocked DeMarcus Ware and Ellis/etc with heart and courage, and both of them ground out the clock at the end of the game, running harder than any players on the field had the entire game. Suddenly, Campbell and Portis are the ideal QB/RB combo. Productive, avoid turning the ball over, they play with composure, are clutch, and extraordinarily athletic.

So meanwhile, our defense -- minus Jason Taylor -- was stout. Owens had a pretty good game -- more on that in a minute -- and Romo was able to avoid being pressured for most of the game. I don't think we got any sacks, but we also didn't allow any really bad big plays. Barber didn't break one big run, and neither Owens nor Witten had any significant bombs that really hurt.

Chris Horton continues to step up and is the 4th starting-level safety we've drafted in as many years (RIP #21, Doughty, Landry, and Horton), and appears to be the 3rd legitimate playmaker we've drafted at the position out of that group (sorry, Reed). Imagine this defense with S. Taylor ... Goodness.

London Fletcher holds down the middle, our DT get great pressure on the running game (what about Dallas's much-acclaimed huge offensive line), and Shawn Springs -- who many have doubted for the last few years -- showed his exceptional skill level in the first half. Owens did nothing against Springs, which has been a trend for years except the one game where Owens blasted us for 4 TD's.

Who can stop a team effort like this? The Redskins put it all together. They continue to force turnovers (Chris Horton is the sure-handed member of the secondary we've craved forever), and give away none. They run hard and pass efficiently. Moss is uncontainable and Campbell is awesome.

Let me talk for a minute about Terrell Owens. He is bitching and moaning to the media about not getting enough touches, right? HE DROPPED A TOUCHDOWN in the second quarter! He had our corner beat (Rogers, maybe?) and he let a touchdown go right through his hands. The Cowboys eventually had to settle for a FG at the end of the second quarter after his drop. He had several drops in the game, after Springs pressured him pretty hard. He also was able to run the ball twice -- Clearly, the Cowboys gave him touches, and he even squandered a few opportunities. I love that he is bitching about it -- he just does not know how to lose.

Meanwhile, our secondary -- which includes a 7th-round rookie, was without Shawn Springs for the second half, dealt with an injury to Fred Smoot, and got no help from sacks on the day (that I know of) -- shut down the endlessly-vaunted Cowboys' passing attack. Marion Barber had 26 f**king yards ALL game.

I love it. The whole NFL -- minus Dallas -- loves it. Hell, you gotta love it. Take down the Eagles and let's see who's at the top of those NFC-tilted power rankings.


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