Must Win: Skins vs Arizona

Is there such a thing as a 'Must Win' in Week 3?  Probably not.  However, this is as close as it gets.


The Redskins play their 2nd home game of the season.  They will only have 6 left after Sunday.  Those 6 are against Divsions foes (DAL, NYG, PHI), 2 cupcakes (CLE, STL) and a legit AFC Powerhouse (PIT).  If you want to make the playoffs in this league, you win 6 of 8 at home and go .500 on the road.   To get to 6, Skins have to beat NO, ARI, CLE, STL and take 2 of 4 against likely playoff teams in DAL, NYG, PHI and PIT.  A task that isn't nearly as hard as having to win 3 of 4 should the Skins cough up one of their easier wins.


With that in mind, look at where the Skins schedule goes after this week:



vs STL

vs CLE


vs PIT

Worst case scenerio, Washington wins this week vs Arizona, loses the next 2 divisional games and wins their 3 cupcakes and loses to PIT.  Then we go into the BYE 5-4.

5 wins needed in 7 games remaining. 

See how important this week is?  A stumble this week makes much more difficult games far more important. 


We won't be catching Dallas for the playoffs, but 2 teams are coming out of the NFC East for the Wild Card this year, you can almost bet on that.  To get that, we have to pick off either New York or Philadelphia. 

Philly has Pittsburgh, Chicago and us heading into a BYE. 

The Giants are starring 6-0 in the face with what has to be the easiest schedule in the NFL in the first half, only to be brutalized in the the final 10 games.


So, anyways, back to my point.  The Redskins must win this week if they hold out any hopes of actually making the playoffs this season.  I know it seems a bit extreme but for a team with a new coach and a new system in place, it is vitally important that the 'should win' games be won, no matter the time of year.  It sets the tone for the Skins heading into divisional play on the road and allows them to go into the BYE with (at worst) a winning record.


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