Training Camp has not been kind to the Redskins

The only good news is that Ben is back, the bad news chronicled well over at Redskin Report by Lee Gibbons:

  • Devin Thomas, Hamstring
  • Malcom Kelly, Hamstring
  • Phillip Daniels, Knee
  • Alex Buzbee, Achilles
  • Anthony Montgomery, Hand
  • LaRon Landry, Hamstring
  • HB Blades, Knee
  • Eric Shelton, Shoulder
  • Rian Wallace, Hand
  • Stuart Schweigert, Leg
  • Anthony Mix, Hamstring
  • Kareem Moore, Leg
  • Chris Wilson, Leg

The above list being Person Injured comma Place Injured. What is it with the damn hamstrings, again? Acknowledging that more of the stress one places on a body during typical football activities (running, changing directions, carrying veteran equipment, farting) manifests itself in the lower half of one's body, is there reason for concern that we've had at least 13 injuries thus far in this unborn season, 10 of which have hit below the belt? A representative example, per Redskins Insider:

Linebacker H.B. Blades, who sprained his left knee in this morning's practice, will undergo arthroscopic surgery this week, according to a Redskins source with knowledge of the situation. The exact nature of the injury is not certain, but the source expects Blades to be out at least two-to-three weeks, returning toward the end of preseason.

The acceptable news here is that he's returning before the season starts and, given the way lady luck has beaten the tar out of the team so far, maybe it's better he's safe on the sideline and not on the field where disaster strikes like the second half of a Behind the Music special. The reality, stated here as the bad news, is that our young backup middle linebacker will already have gone under the knife once in 2008 before he gets an opportunity to step on the field. Knees don't like being injured.

Don't forget: Rocky McIntosh also recently underwent knee surgery. London Fletcher is an epic iron man, but since he was born 33 years ago, I wonder whether reality won't strike him sooner rather than later. Marcus Washington is now two seasons removed from starting all 16 games, though RESPECT to him for starting 48 games in a row prior to injuries as recent as both 2006 and 2007.
Khary Campbell is three years removed from an ACL injury but, to his enormous credit, played in 16 games last season. To sum up: Rocky McIntosh and The Hamburgler won't be long removed from surgery when the season starts (ditto linebacker Rian Wallace), neither Marcus Washington nor Khary Campbell are that far removed from injury, and London Fletcher ain't a kid (but he has one, and congrats to him). Behind the starters at linebacker are a bunch of people I haven't heard of, really, but I remain irrationally optimistic nonetheless. It's all up to you, do work, Danny Verdun-Wheeler.

Just off the top of my head the Redskin Report list above (13 players) must be incomplete, perhaps only including players still with the team. The injury bug may be affecting our chances of having reliable depth at linebacker this coming season, but they are also ruining or setting back substantially the professional careers of younger players who desparately need to remain healthy just to assure themselves a paycheck in this cruel league. Appalachian State's Kerry Brown was released due to injury. Says the partisans, who my fan-heart goes out to:

Looks like Jon Jansen is gonna have to carry his own helmet again. App State great Kerry Brown has been waived by the Redskins.

He could still stick with the team per the Official Site, pending a contingency I doubt the player hopes for:

The Redskins have waived defensive lineman J.T. Mapu and offensive lineman Kerry Brown. They could be placed on injured reserve if no other team picks them up.

Oh woops, make it two names the RR list left off:

Mapu suffered a knee ligament injury... in Friday's practice.

If we have to sign fake Chad Morton or fake it's real, damn you Heath Shuler, so be it. I just want to make it through TC with a 53 man roster, mang. How does all this happen, under Icing Guru Derek Devine's watch, no less!? At least the beards are safe.

I'd open up a poll with loaded answers such as: How much do you hate Training Camp?

1. A lot

2. Even more, 'yotch.

But what's the point? I know exactly how 100% of Redskins fans feel about training camp so far, which is to say: Injuries are suck. Did Clinton Portis really hurt his ankle last week? Honestly, at this point, I might start telling people to fake it; that field is cursed.

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