Afternoon Update

Hey how about wraping up day two of training camp without any Redskins being hurt for the remainder of 2008? Sadly though the Redskins have placed Phillip Daniels and Alex Buzbee on the injured reserve list . Recently cut DE J.T. Mapu was re-signed and I hope he makes use of a second chance to impress. All of this of corse is taken from the Insider who also took time to write about our depth or lack thereof at the position of Linebacker.

Many in this building were stunned the team did not draft at least one - or add a veteran free agent to fill the role Randall Godfrey played as a reserve last season. Linebackers are generally the life-force of a special teams unit, and depth there is vital.

Injury concerens for Marcus Wasington & Rocky Mcintoch coupled with the age conceren for London Fletcher raise the question of special teams use for starting LB"s.  The Insider expects the Skins to be looking hard at the waver wire for LB's that are cut and so do I. 1) because it really does makes sense to shore up depth for that and 2) he's the Insider for a reason and if I agree then maybe I might have a chance of sounding like I know what the hell I'm talking about.

Clinton Portis gave us a scare eariler by tweaking, turning or something that a franshise back isn't supposed to do to their ankle. Gary Fitzgerald and Casey Husband report:

Clinton Portis is back at practice despite suffering a sprained ankle in the morning session. He mentioned earlier this offseason that he wanted to play "Big Man Football" this year. He re-phrased it to "Tough Man Football" in an interview this week. Whatever...He proved his toughness again by practicing on the ankle

Anyone else remember last years drama with him and coach Gibbs dealing with his not the most excited attitude to be in training camp? Well he practiced with a hurt ankle and got up after being blown up by one H.B. Blades. Maybe H.B. Blades read the Insiders article and took umbrage.

Matt Terl form the new shiny offical blog (drums pounding sound effect) gives some highlights of the afternoon practice. Go take a look., but my favorite moment came from this mornings rain-shortend practice.

The fans are mercilessly killing Fred Davis with the “sleepytime” and “wake up, Fred!” calls.  He false-started during a drill today and got brutally heckled for it.

Truly most excellent.

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