Morning Newsings, Practice Cancelled?, London Fletcher Absent From Practice!?

[Note by CptChaosSidekick, 07/22/08 7:12 PM EDT ]Well I tried to edit my FanPost and lost a big chunk of it. Anyway the remainder of practice got cancelled due to weather. I had more insight into Gibbs vs Zorn but like I said lost it because computers hate me.

Let me tell you what, this might be training camp for players, coaches, and staff but it's also training camp for excitable fellows like myself! Speaking of excitable fellows, the DTC also is warming up for football season. Sign me up!

Andre Carter must have balked at whatever Jason Taylor offered to get his jeresy #99 because as Gary Fitzgerald reports

Jason Taylor is wearing jersey No. 55. With Jason Taylor taking No. 55, that means linebacker Rian Wallace needs a new number. So...Wallace is wearing jersey No. 57.

My analysis: Backups are more prone to giving in to money then starters with muli-million dollar contracts.

The Insider chimes in (people this just happened, I hit refresh!)

 Jasno calls from the practice field to report that the dudes are in pads today. Ladies and gentlemen, stand by for some hitting. Real football commences. ...

Or at least it did for a while. The players were being told to leave the field, fans were being sent to their cars because of storm and hail (literally, "Hail to the Redskins") warnings. (Take that, Weather Gang!)

Jason La Canfora also reports that Jason Taylor could be used as a DE/LB hybrid. I'm sure Greg Blache is coming up with all sorts of ideas on how to utilize him. In a great post by mmford10 he threw out some possible nicknames for our possible pass rush. My favriote is Salsa-Dancing-Sackmasters. Yours?

I have no doubt that everyone on the roster and staff loved and respected Joe Gibbs. I don't think there is another coach in the league that could have guided a team to the playoffs after what the redskins we through...multiple players to the IR, and of corse the Sean Taylor tragedy. Jim Zorn seems to be a giant breath of fresh air.  With quotes like this:

"He's very calm, very under control," one staff member said. "There's no crisis every day. Jim doesn't treat every situation like it's a crisis."

I think the players are more about the positive aspects of things. He's younger and I think the players can relate to his style. During the first presser after yesterdays morning training camp, Zorn snuck into the group of reporters and asked Jason Campbell a question. I've yet to find out waht the question was but the move by Zorn is something Gibbs wouldn't have done. It's very very early of what to make of Zorn's style but the players, staff, and myself like what we see so far.



In fantastic news both on and off the field:  Kareem Moore was back on the field. ... Rocky MacIntosh was present, too, as he continues his recovery. ...and London Fletcher is missing practice for a great reason..he is expecting the birth of his second child and is bedside with his wife. Congrats Sir.

Jim Zorn vs. Joe Gibbs who ya got?

I got a bunch of questions to this end during a web chat yesterday and anticipate more to come as the season rolls along. In talking to people at Redskins Park, from coaches to players to others, there is a pervasive feeling that the vibe is a little looser, more relaxed. Gibbs had a tendency to get tense and tight, particularly as Sunday approached, going to great pains not to boast too much about his team, often deferring to opponents and saying this next game was going to be "the biggest of my coaching career."

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