Washington Post Article-Shawn Springs

A month ago, June, everyone was concerned with Shawn Springs and his no-show at OTAs.OtAOta

OTA's had started with the Washington Redskins missing a couple of players, one player showed up late due to flight and family issues but the "final" missing Redskin never showed, many were concerned, others commented on it happened before and a debate of if he should be at camp or not was unleashed upon the internet. 

A story written by a true reporter, By Jason La Canfora Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, July 19, 2008; Page E01

Playing with Pain :A Separated Dad With a Comatose Father And Sick Stepmother, Shawn Springs Copes

I was one of those who thought Shawn Springs should have been at camp, as a team leader, to build unity and while I believe those things the story provides a good insight into Shawn Springs life, his struggles and that he is ready, it sound like really ready to play football.

At his most despondent, the cornerback considered retiring from the Washington Redskins, walking away from $5 million this season, and maybe becoming a teacher or buying land and building a house near his family in Dallas. "I felt overwhelmed, like: 'What can I do? How can I simplify things? What can I cut back on?' " Springs said. "I just wanted to simplify everything and be a normal dude and take my son to the park and just chill and breathe."

As a fan of the Washington Redskins, I'm glad that Shawn Springs decided to return to football.

Springs's absence from June's voluntary organized team activity practices was a relatively minor hitch for the team during an otherwise placid offseason. Coach Jim Zorn, whom Springs likes from their time together in Seattle, joked about putting out an "APB" on Springs when the player would not return his phone calls.

"I go into a shell," Springs said when asked if he had any regrets for not speaking directly to Zorn.

While direct contact with the team did not occur, it appears as if the Redskins were aware of the situation which started shortly after the loss to Seattle even without Front office clarification.

While deciding his future with Football, Shawn Springs did continue to work out

Springs had continued his workouts even while doubting his future. The veteran had taken just two weeks off after January's playoff loss to Seattle, then headed to the Arizona heat to work on core strength, perfecting his running stride and recovering through any lingering maladies from the football season. In late May he returned to the Washington area and began working again with personal trainer Mark Craig -- a former pro boxer and Buster Douglas's old sparring partner -- five days a week. They do extensive track work -- focusing on burst and explosion -- and then head to Planet Fitness in Potomac to spar... ...Espy said: "The boy is fast, faster than I thought. He's in the best shape I've ever seen him in. He's a bad man right now

A comment from former Washington Redskins Mike Espy says it all, and when Shawn remembered the game for that "a game" he made his decision to return this season. 

Throwing the ball around with them and their little cousin, that's what football's all about," Springs said. "I want to be that excited to play, and they couldn't get enough. It's like, "Dad, let's do one-on-ones, let's do this, let's do that.' And then I find myself out there coaching them through the drills and I realized: 'That's who I am. That's what I love.' And that's what really got me back, because for a minute there I really thought this was it, I'm quitting."

Football played and loved by many but only a few select gifted and talented athletes get to play the game as men, welcome back to the Redskins Shawn Springs have a phenominal year.

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