Inside The Numbers: Fred Smoot

[Note by Skin Patrol, 05/26/08 12:16 PM EDT ] Promoted,  thanks to CptChaosSidekick for this excellent Fan Shot and reader(s) should expect more front page material out of him in the near future. Edited slightly, enjoy. Also: Happy Memorial Day.

I found a good article by ESPN Insider writer, KC Joyner, who statistically breaks down the leagues best vertical cornerbacks.  What does that mean, and how did he come to these analysis?

As was the case with the receivers, this metric review measures medium (11-19 yards), deep (20-29 yards) and bomb (30-plus yards) pass attempts on a yards-per-attempt basis. Because cornerbacks tend to see fewer passes than wide receivers, I lowered the qualifying-attempt mark to 24. The yardage totals once again include "pass in the air" penalty attempts and yards (i.e., pass interference, defensive holding, illegal contact, etc.).

On his top-10 list of best CB's per his mathematical equation, Fred Smoot ranks #5 on his list.

Smoot's Stats:  Vert Att: 32      Vert Yds:197    Vert YPA:6.2

KC Joyner then goes on to point out that Smoot (and this is obvious to some Redskins Fans):

Smoot was seen by many as a stopgap backup cornerback when the Redskins picked him up before last season, but he actually outplayed every other cornerback in the Washington secondary.

Personally I've always thought that Smoot was better then Carlos Rogers. Not only does Smoot have the cover skills, he tackles with incredible force, especially for a CB.  Smoot is also known to talk "the smack" and confidence is a must at the CB position, something I don't think Rogers possesses to the same extent.

This is a huge year for Rogers.  With this likely being Springs' last season (either he'll move to S next year or be gone all together), Smoot's ability to be a starting CB in the NFL , and the possible emergence of rookie CB Justin Tryon (who according to the insider makes Fred Smoot look Tongue Tied) might make the front office think twice about re-signing Rogers and could look elsewhere to replace the embattled CB who has yet, in my humble opinion, to live up to his 1st round billing.


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