Possible Move to VA Beach & LaRon Landry

Apparently there are reports of the Redskins moving their training camp to Virginia Beach. The Insider explains further.

Most of you guys have probably heard the talk and read the reports from a while back about the Skins moving their training camp to Virginia Beach possibly as soon as the summer of 2009. There have been discussions between the team and civic leaders down there about making this work and the Skins are always looking to build and expand their brand, emphasizing the May "Beach Blitz" event in Virginia Beach. (Personally, I'd love to see it moved down there and have the wife and kids stay with me down there for a few weeks. I've wondered for years - since way before I started covering this team - why they didn't head down that way for camp).

Both sides want the deal to be economically feasible and have been in contact to that end. Spoke to some football people in the organization about the project recently to get their takes on the potential pros and cons. A big concern for now is the infrastructure at the sports complex down there. The fields are immaculate I am told, but the facilities are largely lacking, with size and amenities an issue (training rooms are not up to par; limited space for meeting rooms and film rooms.). People I spoke to recently believe from a football standpoint such a move would be at least two years away given all the work that would have to be done to get the sports complex equipped to handle 90 NFL players, all the coaches and trainers and other staff.


The Insider also adds something that happens to be one of my concerns when I first read this article.

Some on the coaching staff would also worry about the issue of players racing up the highway to get back and forth from Virginia Beach on off days around home playoff games - then veterans racing against the clock to report back down to the training complex at the beach - and logistics about when to break camp, etc., would be imperative. The location is certainly appealing, but if the thing is going to be done right then a lot of work would need to be done ... and the issue of which entity funds that endeavor could end up looming large.

I don't like the idea of this move to VA Beach. To me, this is a money driven endeavor & there are way more distractions and opportunities for players to get into trouble in VA Beach then Ashburn.  Not including (but planned as of now) an indoor practice facility, Redskin Park is more then enough the facility that NFL players require. The only reason I can see for a possible move is that Snyder is trying to widen the fan base, but that for me anyway, is a big reach.

Don't look now but the asshole police may need to get evolved.

Second-year safety LaRon Landry has not been around the facility much this off season, drew plenty of attention for his post-practice race with Clinton Portis a few weeks back and ended up skipping the Beach Blitz event after telling people within the organization that he would attend. Landry attained a fair degree of fame in his rookie season and while no one is freaking out about any of this, there are some within the building keeping their fingers crossed he maintains the same attitude he exhibited as a rookie ...

This coupled with Landry doing his own thing earlier smells of T.O. syndrome or some other athletes name I can't come up with at the moment who thinks his shit don't stink. I hope a vet like London Fletcher yanks his ass out of the clouds and tells him to lock it up. How would've coach Gibbs handled this? I was going to hyperlink the paged from into this story but they pulled the article saying Landry would be there......

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