Hogs Haven needs your help

The good news is that I've attained gainful employment in my summer home and now will no longer need to sweat the passing days as inching closer and closer towards personal financial insolvency. Many thanks to the Federal Government for partially subsidizing my lifestyle for the past few weeks (but they'll get theirs back when I repay loans, don't you worry Uncle Sam).

The bad news is that with this new J-O-B I won't be in a position to post at the hours. So for all those reader(s) who have grown accustomed to my poorly drafted and randomly timed (though typically during the working hours) posts, this could mean content comes at even stranger times in less consistent bunches. I'm not yet certain how I will adjust returning to the old 8-5 though we're all adaptable animals and I hope it works for the best. I don't know what TexSkins or the other contributors schedule will permit in the way of posting, but I assume it will be much of the same.

In order to both secure more frequent postings in my absence and to encourage community participation here at Hogs Haven I'm soliciting help from especially active reader(s) to assist me and the other contributors in making sure great content blesses the front page with frequency. If all I wanted was a website that no one reads that permits me to communicate my jumbled thoughts to the world, then I'd just use blogspot. Instead, I've got this masterfully done blogging platform, that encourages -- demands -- reader participation such that I can create a website that no one reads that permits me to both communicate my own jumbled thoughts while also getting others to post their thoughts. Democracy rules, etc.

I'm not entirely sure what I have in mind yet. But here's a start: Please consider emailing me at directly if you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to this space. It would make the task of your posts getting to the front page easier than the current process, which includes me reading and editing your FanPosts and FanShots before they get where they need to be. As I'll be consumed with work during the blogging hours, my task becomes prohibitively difficult.

I'm also not entirely clear what kind of content I'm looking for. But here are a few suggestions:

1. I might need someone who is around during the day hours to keep an eye on FanPosts and FanShots and promote to the frontpage (and edit, if need be) especially worthwhile content when I'm not available.

2. I might need someone to post link dumps on a more regular basis than I've ever been capable or willing to post. If you have any questions about what a link dump is, please email me.

3. I might need someone to post a weekly or semi-regularly statistical analysis on any particular aspect of the Redskins.

4. I might need someone to post a weekly or semi-regularly historical look back at the days of yore, if anyone were up to such a thing.

5. I might need someone to routinely think up clever new poll questions and make posts that attach those polls, such that our sidebar is updated with a new question more often than four times a year.

6. I might need someone to tag posts, fanshots, and fanposts better than I'm able to. Under the new website the tagging system will become increasingly important in cross referencing posts by different authors over the entire network, which assists readers in finding out more about a particular topic that fascinates them.

These are merely suggestions off the top of my head, and any other kinds/types of content reader(s) are accustomed to seeing elsewhere, or would like to become accustomed to seeing here, should be noted in the comments immediately. Consider this not only a solicitation for new contributors, but also for new post ideas; I want to make the website better, and I just don't know how to do that without you people telling me what makes it better. What kinds of posts do you like reading? What kinds of posts do you dislike reading? More Redskins Robble? Never, never again Skin Patrol? More Chris Cooley? More Pete Schmitt? More stats? More history? Tell me.

But if you want to go that extra special mile and become a contributing author to the front page of Hogs Haven, I strongly encourage you to email me pronto and let me know what it is you had in mind. If you feel up to the task of link dumps or statistical analyses or anything creative you have in mind, then you could do a lot worse then emailing me and asking for a chance to do so regularly, up front where your quality content deserves to be. Take a glance at my (not exhaustive) list of things I think would improve the website and volunteer, so long as you have the time and inclination. Please, please, please if you have an idea not listed above, either post it in the comments or email me with it, as I'm totally open to ideas about how to improve this space.

That is all, thanks for reading.

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