NFC East

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Promoted. Thanks to dr WNC for his thoughts on all things Redskins. Edited ever so slightly. NFC East, The toughest division in Football

The NFC East in my "homer" outlook is the toughest Division in the NFL. ([editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Agreed.)  All teams are very competitive year in and year out with most years at least one, sometimes two, NFC wild card teams coming from the East.

  1. Superbowl Champion Giants, 3 playoff teams
  2. 3 playoff teams
  3. 2 playoff teams
  4. 1 playoff team
  5. 2 playoff teams
  6. 2 playoff teams
  7. 1 playoff team
  8. 2 playoff teams
And overall this decade has been the weakest for the NFC East.
The last two years the division has placed 3 teams into the playoffs, with that trend looking to continue in 2008.
There are a lot of factors which play into a team's success, including the schedule they play year to year (against division foes), injuries, offensive production compared to defensive production, coaching and team chemistry.
The Washington Redskins are viewed as a weak team, even though all 22 starters are returning. A new offense with a new head coach is another variable in which they are marked down, even though Dallas and San Diego did well in 2007 under similar circumstances. Prognosticators will pick the Washington Redskins to finish last in the NFC east, and not make the playoffs unless injuries effect other teams.

The point was validated on April 13th with a story on the Bleacher Report by Devlan Sheahan.  This is not a condemnation of Devlan, rather this was just the first review of many to come. The Redskins have changed, as exhibited by a quiet free agency period.  How will the NFC east turn out this year?  
NFC East Prediction The Bleacher Report

Predictions, with a Homer Heart:

1. The Cowboys are picked to win the division, with a similar team to last year should perform well with a chance to win the Division.
2. The Giants, I think the team performed over its head, got very luck and had an awesome performance by thier defensive line which they rode to a Super Bowl win.  I pick the Giants to finish 4th in the division, and not make the playoffs.
3. The Eagles, The 2nd Wild card team for the NFC east, they will play average football with a 9-7 or 10-6 record; team chemistry keeps them from advancing beyond the first round of the playoffs just as in the regular season with great weeks and poor weeks mixed in depending on the "mood" of the team.
4. The Washington Redskins challenge the Cowboys for the Division winner, making the playoffs.

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Let this be an encouragement to other reader(s) to post your own NFC East predictions in the comments section. I don't necessarily endorse all the things that dr WNC says above, but I love me some good speculation on how the season will shake out and want you all to speculate away on the results. I see a regular season of: 1. Cowboys, 2. Giants, 3. Redskins, 4. Eagles. However, much of that is subject to change based on the draft and rumor flowing out of the respective teams' camps.

In any event, enjoy. Cheers and thanks again to dr WNC.

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