Chris Samuels out for the season

Updates of the news and new media news and blogging variety all carry the same ominous update:

After getting hammered all night by Terrell Suggs and the Baltimore Ravens defense, Washington Redskins Pro Bowl left tackle Chris Samuels tore his right tricep muscle at the start of the fourth quarter of last night's loss, he will have surgery as soon as possible and he is done for the season.

Let's try and make heads or tails of what we're doing to replace Samuels:

Soooooooooo Chris Samuels was the anchor on left side at the seasons greetings. Jon Jansen was the presumptive starter on the right side but quickly lost that job to Stephon Heyer, who equifast lost it right back to Jansen. With Samuels out the smart money says Stephon Heyer gets another shot at this starting offensive line thing the only difference is he has to switch to the other side which surely won't present any problem to a young still somewhat untested undrafted rookie with the confidence of a... young somewhat untested dundrafted rookie who was demoted months ago. Heyer would be replacing former Chris Samuels stand-in Justin Geisinger who, per Curly R:

When Chris went out backup center Justin Geisinger came in to play left tackle, he was immediately victimized by Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs...

But then Geisinger got an injured knee, so he's out. Reader(s) may be forgiven for thinking "I didn't even know we had a backup center." We don't have a lot of things, actually. Jon Jansen suffered a "grade II sprain of the MCL in his left knee" and, much like our offensive line, he doesn't have any backups available to play left knee when his starter goes down. What the deuce is a grade II sprain, anyways, is there a doctor in the house that can explain the difference between a grade I sprain and a grade II sprain? More hit points and mana, I presume? (NERD ALERT.)

Because our backup right tackle is now our starting left tackle and because our starting left tackle is now on injured reserve and because our starting right tackle (formerly starting tackle turned backup tackle turned starting tackle again it is a wonderful tale of redemption and love and hope that will air on Oxygen this coming spring) had to put his own left knee on injured reserve, hopefully temporarily, big boy Jason Fabini will likely get a chance to prove that he's really just now ready to peak in his 12th NFL season. I'm talking about our starting right tackle, here. Jason Fabini.

The backdrop for this is a Redskins team who, per the Official Site, is really just "Trying to Recapture Momentum" which I thought was delightful and optimistic but not those two things at the same time. Recapture momentum? I don't even know what that means anymore after 2 straight losses and a 1-4 record in our last 5. I've got a plan, though, that's sure to catch that elusive momentum and there's absolutely zero percent chance of failure you just have to trust me on this one I stayed at a Holiday Inn:

Did it work?

It is important to note that this is not what panic looks like yet but it is definitely on the radar.

How is everyone else doing? I am well and I hope you are too.

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