This is one of our most embarrassing days as a team in many years.

As the FOX announcers relentlessly reminded us, the Redskins were playing for their season today. And, in a display of how much they valued their season, they gave a half-hearted and embarrassing effort.

For the last couple weeks, we've seen the same problems.

The defense holds for most of the game and then is beaten in the last ten minutes of the game (probably because they're worn down). Missed tackles and a lack of hustle seep in, despite the good performance of a few individuals.

Key players fumble, drop passes, miss blocks, or get penalized on offense.

And, last but certainly most importantly, the Redskins cannot score touchdowns. There were two times we left touchdowns on the field and came off with zero points. The Mike Sellers fumble and the end of the game where we inexplicably run, throw away and then throw a SCREEN PASS?

Out of three red zone offense situations, we score 10 points. Inexcusable.

The problem on this team, more than anything, is the fact that our play-calling is absolutely horrendous. Due to the defense's overall performance (despite a lack of turnovers and sacks), you have to cut them some slack. We haven't put up more than 20 points since the Lions game... in OCTOBER.

In our last 4 losses before this we scored no more than 10 points, and today we got a whopping 13 against the 24th-ranked defense in the NFL.

I think what really bothers me, though, is the fact that this team did not see the perspective of this game. We came into this game playoff-eligible, and we could turn our season around and be 10-6. Our team was not interested.

What's dangerous is that our team does not appear to believe in Jim Zorn. They quit on him today. Portis ran hard only when he had to, because I believe that he doesn't trust Zorn. He has a point -- we have an MVP contender (at least he was) at running back, and you give Mike Sellars the ball twice at the goal line... and then he fumbles and arguably causes us the game.

The defense folded late in the game AGAIN -- and I believe it's the psychological response of defeat. They did not believe the offense could deliver on some mental level, right? You can't blame them.

Jim Zorn wrote the red-zone offense in Seattle, so there's no excuses why we can't put it in. He seriously needs to review his play-calling this offseason... and I'm now back to completely unsure of whether or not he is the right man for this job. He has not shown the ability to change course and to adjust, which is exactly what all good teams are capable of. It looks like the team has bailed out on him, which worries me.

The announcers kept saying that a team assumes the personality of its head coach. Our team folded in the fourth quarter (and slept in the first quarter) and did not put forth the complete effort you need to beat any team in the NFL. We were out-played today, but the main problem is we were out-coached.

I'm not saying fire Zorn -- unfortunately, we're stuck with him for a couple of years, for no other reason than that Jason Campbell cannot possibly be asked to adjust again -- but if our great players -- Portis in particular -- are disenfranchised, than we might as well just give up on a championship for the Zorn era.

A note on Portis: Portis has given everything possible to this team this year -- and carried them through the Taylor tragedy last year, and the rest of the Gibbs years -- so there is no doubt that I'm on his side throughout this situation. He's proven himself to me much more than Zorn has.

Anyone have any thoughts? Where do we go from here? Do you think this is a Zorn problem or a personnel problem?

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