Actions are louder

A fantasy footbal team no more: A business and gaining respect.

We hear constantly that the NFL today is a business as decisions are made to move players and players try to get maximum value for their skills.  As a business the objective of each team should be to build a winning team and ultimatley win the Superbowl.   This is today's NFL, and how each owner performs directly reflects the product which is on the field.  Over the last 10 years or so the Washington Redskins while trying to win did not operate the team as business but as a Fantasy Football team.

Daniel Snyder in all of his efforts to field a winner, tried to build a winner by assembling a fantasy football team.  A team which became a joke to many, where high priced players did not perform and subsequently the team did not perform and the fans were left with a poor to weak product, a losing business product.  Give Mr. Snyder credit he did (finally)recognize it was not working.  He convinced one of the Redskins legendary coaches to come out of retirement, built an excessive coaching staff to restore the business and develop a team.  This required a long 4 years but appears to be culmanating this year with a foundation for years to come.  

Starting with keeping Draft picks in order to develop and find players to be Redskins of the future, to hold on to a core group which will be Redskins for life while adding key additions who want to play for the Redskins as a year in and year out winner.

The Hall signing on Saturday provided the "Actions"; agree or disagree with the signing in a business sense it was a good move and handled properly as pointed out by HomerMcFanboy

But here’s the biggest reason ‘Skins fans should like this move - it shows the Redskins front office is getting smarter. Just a season or two ago, management would have jumped at the chance to acquire a Pro Bowl player like Hall in his prime. If multiple draft picks were used to acquire wide receiver/malcontent Brandon Lloyd or rental running back T.J. Duckett, it’s scary to think how many picks Hall would have been worth in their eyes. And once here, without ever having played a down in D.C., Hall would have a signed (at a minimum) the same five-year, $25-million contract that was standard with players like Lloyd and safety/bust Adam Archuleta. This time around, management locked him in for roughly half a million bucks. And the best part is, if internet reports are true, ownership spoke with defensive captains London Fletcher and Cornelius Griffin prior to making the move. This is a veteran team with great locker room leadership.

Over at, where the Hall signing was first reported,  Adam Schefter provides some insider information 

Hall heard from Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, each of whom tried to persuade the former Raiders cornerback to sign with his respective team.

(Random question: If Hall was such a bad influence, why did two of the most respected defensive-minded head coaches in the game pursue him the way they did?)

Ultimately, the Redskins offered something no other team could: the chance to play in his backyard.

Players having to earn a spot on the Redskins, players earning the pay, a team with a veteran core group and a front office which appears to finally understand. 

A succesful business model and a Winning Team, Go Redskins.

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