What is done is done, now, Moving Forward

The Redskins, in my opinion, have one of the best slots for the "bye-week"

The Redskins have reached the slighlty over Mid-Season "bye week" at 6-3 in second place for the NFC east.  The first 9 games showed a mixed team winning tough divisional games, losing to a winless team, having trouble scoring, running the ball as good if not better than any team, mostly controlling the time of possession and building a team character which a fan enjoy rooting for week in and week out.

What has been accomplished in the big picture with a 6 & 3 record is good, and overall per TexSkins post, (some omissions for clarification here)

OVERALL:  Wins at Dallas, at Philly and at home for New Orleans are good. Losing at the Giants is long forgotten, and the Rams game appears to be an aberration. This stretch of schedule featured some of the easier games the team had all season, but like the old saying goes: you can only beat those teams on your schedule.

Grade: B+

Those games are done, no changing the outcome and the record stands.  It's time for the Redskins to improve the execution of the passing offense, learn from the past, REST and regroup.  The team needs to be the veteran club it is with a first time head coach and focus on making the playoffs. 

The NFL Victory Trend Index from Pro Football Prospectus 2008 Teams that started 6-3 averaged 10.0 wins and made the playoffs 74.2 percent of the time;  Provided those odds at the beginning of the season would have been great, given those odds now are promising but it shows 25% of the time teams do not take care of remaining games, the Redskins need to play well the remaining 7 games.

The ALL important three games remaining within the Division: Dallas, Eagles and Giants.  I think it's important that the Redskins win 2 of the 3 games to almost ensure a play-off spot in the NFC.  I don't think 8 games will make the playoffs but to be up on tie-breakers within your own division is the first place to start when thinking Wild Card.  The Giants are in control of their own destiny as far as winning the division, the Redskins want to remain the #2 team in the division and winning 2 of 3 places them in that position.  The week 16 game against the Eagles could be a game of significance!

The remaining 4 games are against 2 NFC teams, 2 AFC teams.  Teams which on "Any given Sunday" can beat the Redskins.   A teams which is on the move up and playing well, Baltimore.  Teams which have lost focus but could be troublesome depending on the Sunday, Cincinnati and and San Fransico.  A team which has lost motivation, is struggling due to injury but plays in one of the toughest places in the NFL, seattle.  The Redskins need to break no less than the 2 and 2 on these games with an expectation of achieving 3 and 1 based on how the games should happen using a paper analysis.  This should ensure a play-off position.

After the Bye-Week, the Redskins working a 5-2 record to finish 11-5 would exceed the start of season expectations and time to begin the post season march!  A team still struggling on offense to score consistently but getting the job done with a 4-3 record to finish 10-6 and most likely make the playoffs. 

A team which collapses like so many Redskin's teams in the past during Daniel  Snyder's reign appears to be a thing of the past and is done under the NEW coaching staff, let Move forward as fans to Cheer The Redskins to Victory during the second half of the season!  HTTR

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