Keeping Pace...A win is a win

Redskins Win, Hail to the Redskins

Redskins keep it close but pull off the needed win with a 20-17 beat down  basic nail biter.  Clinton Portis playing at MVP levels again proves to be the difference, with 143 yards.  The Redskins still not able to put points on the board again win the TOP which aided in the 4th qtr running clinic put on by CP.  A rookie got involved for the first time this year, making his presence known, Jason Campbell did enough for Washington to win and not lose but he has to become the offensive leader for this team to continue it's growth and become an elite team, how much more time can he be given.

Keeping Pace as the other games this week provided little help to the Redskins in the playoff run, making the wild card team race much tighter.

Dallas played the tough San Fran 49ers, with TO putting on a show 35-22 win

Atlanta dominated the Panthers, who can now lose all of their remaining games with the choice of not helping the Redskins this week with win.  It'll be fun to root against Carolina the rest of the season.  Atlanta 45-28

Detroit tried to upend win against Tampa, getting out to a quick start.  Quickly fading and looking worse than the infamous 0-14 Tampa expansion team.  0-16 is in their sights.  Tampa needs to keep winning, to take the NFC south division

Old double "gg" couldn't help the team who passed on him, allowing the Vikes to notch another win, still shooting for the NFC north title and hoping the NFC east and south teams stumble.

Da Bears keep pace taking out the Rams

Philly is really lost, QB issues aside:  More confidence has been bestowed to aa team with a future game with the Redskins.  It was considered an easy game at the start of the season, that appears to have changed.

Go NO!

Remaining games:

NY Giants: It'd be good to split with a win

Baltimore: A win is better than a loss

Cin: Another nail biter game which hopefully the Redskins pull out in the 4th qtr

Philly: Gotta win the division games

San Fran: Defense will hold them to less points than Dallas, Can Washington score at least 21

Redskins at 7-4, must win 3 of 5 to hope to have a chance of a playoff, and 4 of 5 to secure a playoff spot.  The wins need to occur at NY, Philly and SF to aid the tie breaker...Keeping Pace but in no way safe, every game is important!

Washington Post Redskin insider, quick thoughts after the game

Rich Tandler's Real Redskins First Take

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