Focus, Forget the Past and be careful

The Redskins need to focus on winning games and making the playoffs.

A Washington Redskins team whose 6-3 should have a 75% chance of making the playoffs, a game ahead of the 3rd and 4th place teams in the division both which were wins during the first half....The past is aligned, but time to Focus on the future.

Over at the always cheerful Redskin insider By Jason La Canfora it is noted the unique situation which is occuring as far as playoff spots in the NFL. 

There are seven teams in the NFL at 6-3 - a quarter of the league (with Arizona joining the group should it defeat hapless San Fran tonight - and seven other clubs have five wins (excluding the Cards, who we will lump in with seven-win teams).

That's half the league, folks. Only three teams in the league have more than six wins - Carolina, the Giants and Tennessee. With the NFC East teams beating one another up, you have to think the NFC South is going to send at least one wild card team (Carolina is 7-2, while Tampa and Atlanta are 6-3; the Falcons' schedule sets up well, and Tampa's isn't that difficult on paper, either).

While I don't agree with the NFC south "obvious" The Redskins need to take care of the home turf to lock-up the number 2 spot in the NFC east.  If the Redskins can go 3-0 at home against Dallas, Giants and Eagles then a playoff spot should be at hand, as long as the NFC east players continue to win outside the Division.  A key aspect of playing in the toughest division is to win those games to allow the rest to take care of itself.  That an easy statement, but will be a huge challenge.  

With week 9 in the bag except for the (yawn) game tonight, What have the teams done lately to help the Skins make the playoffs.

1. Giants 36- Eagles 31: Giants placed themselves in perfect position to win the NFC east and place the Redskins as a solid second.  The Giants could be coasting by the time the Redskins meet them again in week 13 but that coasting could hurt the Redskins in week 14-17 by providing wins to some Wild card candidates.

2.Atlanta 34 and New Orleans 20, NO did the Redskins no favor and the upstart Atlanta needs to stop taking significant strides forward.  The remaining games for Atlanta are tough divisional games and some tough non-division games where all teams are looking for Wins.  They could go 9-7 or 10-6 but anymore would be a stretch for a young team, it still highlights why the Redskins need to focus as the other divisions have teams with inflated records which will be pushing for a playoff spot.

3. Tenn 24 and Chicago 20, Tennessee keep's winning and the wins help the Redskins as the NFC north will be lucky to place the divisional winner into the playoffs but will not threaten for a wild card.

4.Baltimore 41 and Houston 13, This game really had no meaning for the Redskins other than they have to play Baltimore, a team with a good defense and an offense which is starting to play well, no longer a "gimme" game.

5. Miami 21 and Seattle 20, again no impact other than Seattle continue to find ways to lose, and while a tough game for the Redskins at Seattle home, enough fans may cheer for Washington that Seattle may have to go to a silent count.

6. Minn 28 and Green bay 27, the NFC north loses to teams outside the division and splits games amoung themselves, again will be lucky one team has a lock on the playoffs, question is who it will be and will anyone other than those team fans care.

7. Carolina 17 and Oakland 6, Carolina tried to lose this game but Oakland is that bad, It's a good thing and hopefully Carolina has gotten a very bad game out of it's system so it can beat the NFC south players and win division.  Every win against the NFC south teams is a good win for the Redskins.

8. Tonights game, somebody in the NFC west has to win the divsion, the other teams do not matter.

Yeah, other games occured this week but few had any impact on the Redskins and them making the playoffs.   The Redskins are in good shape but  need to remain focused on winning or a playoff could easily slip from their hands.

This idea came to me during my readings, it seems someone great was doing a format similar to this which I thought was pretty cool and much better written than I have attempted...If I could only remember who and give them credits....BEAT DALLAS.  

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